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  1. HERE ARE THE FINAL PIX! I only had about 10 minutes to play with it, and it feels great! You can't see it in the pix, but you can see the wood grain through the paint. It's actually nitro, so it is real soft and shows the contours really nicely! You can kind of see the grain in the third picture. It is very smooth to the touch, and those bumps are actually the wood grain. It has the original 1966 p90 and bridge. It didn't have the original tuners, so I replaced those with the better tulip style. I have the original pots and caps, but switched them to new ones. Also has a switchcraft input jack. Here we go!
  2. Hardware going on tomorrow, in theory!
  3. I AM TICKED!!!! So my luthier pings me and says the paint looks good, etc....blah blah blah...pix later. However, he then tells me that he COMPLETELY COVERED THE SERIAL NUMBER!!! WTF!!!
  4. and it begins.... funky lighting, but that's the initial color test. Will be painted up tomorrow with clear being applied on wednesday!
  5. Man...look at the difference in wood after nearly 50 years when compared to the new stuff!
  6. paint shipped today! WOO-HOO!
  7. UPDATE: Still waiting on the custom paint to be delivered. Howver, the body work is all done. WE pulled out the piece of pine or whatever they had in the body adn replaced it with mahagony like it should be. Everything is pre-drilled for the bigsby to go in once the painting is finished. This is taking forever, but it will be done right (hopefully). All we need is to paint the sucker and put the hardware on it. the longest portion of time has been waiting for proper parts to be delivered, etc. Here's the latest pic of the body: In comparison, here is what it looked like after the paint was initially stripped: The neck has been fixed up at the joint, and the routing for the pickup was deepened a bit so you can get better action. can't wait to get this finished!
  8. Ok, after a long wait, some little issues here and there...the guitar is finally nearly ready for painting. Been a LONG many months, but I"m hoping patience will provide a wonderful guitar in the long run.
  9. After a LOOOONG wait, the tremolo and other parts needed are finally available! The build can continue!
  10. I don't know, man. The last guy refinished the whole guitar in black and did a horrible job. But he took the paint OFF the headstock first and then repainted it black....and lost the logo in the process. I ordered a waterslide decal so it can get back on there, but I wish it were original.
  11. I was thinking about Pelham blue as an option. It was a custom color back then, right? I do'nt know...white or blue?
  12. I have no clue. Guy I got it from didn't know either. Either way, they darn near ruined a perfect grain pattern. Idiots.
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