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  1. My gear clearly should belong to someone with much more talent than myself.

  2. Sounded good to me ... the whole thing gave me a "johnny Cash" kinda feel. I love the thump. Nice job. Marc
  3. The one that I have comes from a second batch of L-20s that was built in 2009 (mine, serial #01819031, was completed on 7/16/09). Also came standard with electronics. One built for each of the 20 years they have been building in Bozeman, Montana. Ferguson signed the accompanying certificate.
  4. If you start one, bring the Stanford acoustics back from China! Steve Perry (gypsyjazzguitars.com) gave up on them because they were too much of a PITA to deal with, but wow, the tone for the buck. Amazing. Marc
  5. I've had all sorts of pins, from crazy-expensive FWI to plastic . . . I think pound for pound it is hard to be ebony pins. My experience only, of course. I found that some of the more expensive pins had too much sustain, and notes would keep ringing as I was moving on. Gave me one more thing to have to think about. which is one more than I need.
  6. I actually meant this to be a reply to an existing thread, not a new topic - whoops. Newcomer's mistake. Marc
  7. Agreed - very few people looking to buy a new amp know the heavyweights of the group, and figure a Gibson amp is just some sort of publicity item. It is a shame the GoldTones didn't get more attention from the purchasing audiences ... I never owned one, but played through several and thought they were great - but not great enough to keep me from searching for the Vox I wanted. I think most other folks have the same story. Marc
  8. I was quite surprised when I came into possession of a 2009 L-20, Gibson chose to not even give it the justice of bone or ebony ... just white plastic pins. Strange. Marc
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