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  1. I am going this week to pick up another unit, i hope this will solve my problem because it is great unit !
  2. Can anyone tell me how does sampler volume works on virtual dj pro7.4 ! How can i controle volume ? Is it a cue selection button or something else because i dont see the pattern . When i play on deck A and cue button is selected just on deck A, sample volume doesnt work when i press sample button on this side. So how does it work ? Please ?
  3. Look topic , "reset stanton to factory defaults" http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/101699-stanton-factory-reset/page__pid__1382250#entry1382250
  4. In my manual provided with stanton says that i need 1.5 volt adapter and behind unit where is power plug also says 1.5A/6V but on stanton official site manulas calims 2A/6V. So please can someone tell me why is that ? Should i buy 1.5 A adapter or 2A adapter ?? ps my unit is buy in europe
  5. Same problem . Also tried two units !!! Stanton needs to update this console !!
  6. I have new skin but sample buttons and sample volume are killing me. I really dont understand it. Example would be nice because i dont know is my unit fault or i just dont understand how it works .
  7. So i repeat all button configuration just like in manual and now i have my kill buttons and shift is toggle again but the sampler is still crazy . What is the difference between global mode and deck mode. Manual say that deck mode is default but i dont see difference between this two modes . Can some one post example please ?
  8. Nope settings are still there,and manual doesnt help ! Any suggestions ?
  9. What is combination of buttons to reset stanton map to default factory settings ? i was messing up with shift button, sampler and eq. And now i cant set it up to default. I tried everything like reinstaling the driver and virtual dj but the setting are still there !!!
  10. Can i use it on windows 7 ? is this a new driver or same driver provided with cd ?
  11. Please can someone tell me how to use fx on stanton djc.4 with virtual dj 7 ? i cant figure it out how knobs do ?
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