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  1. Congrats! I'm just into my 4th year with my J45 Standard, I love it more every day! It sounded great on day 1 but keeps getting better. Makes me wonder why I waited so long to get one, but better late than never I suppose. Enjoy that work of art and play the heck out of it.
  2. Here are my current ones. Been doing a lot of buying, selling and trading lately but these are keepers! (Most likely). 2013 Standard in desert burst and 2016 gold top.
  3. Hi Hoross and congrats. I believe that is a Sweetwater exclusive and it does appear that they are the same specs except for the plain top, and I think they are non weight-relieved as well. I think they look great! Did you go with the cherry burst or the light burst?
  4. No, I never took receipt of the guitar. I thought I was buying a blem, noticed it in the photo from the online store but when it arrived today it was a different guitar. If it had been the guitar with the blemish I would have had it checked out then made my decision. As it is, all swell that ends well. And while I appreciate your prayers, I've been through the worrying over every ding and scratch thing with my J45 over the last several years. Those don't bother me.
  5. Well I was going to post pics of the flaw once I got the guitar but now I'll never get the chance to. They sent me a different one instead... No flaws...a bit flamier than I'd normally care for but I'll take it! I just posted it under a NGD.
  6. It's a bit on the flamey top side for my normal tastes, but darned if it's not kinda growing on me!
  7. If you look closely enough on the upper waist of the guitar you'll see a roughly inch long area where the binding shows a flaw. Hopefully I didn't downsize the photo too much. Shoddy finishing work? Tell tale sign of a bigger issue coming? Or shut up and play yer guitar? :)
  8. Just recently replaced the stock 498t bridge pickup with a 57 Classic Plus in my Sg standard with what I feel are great results. Much smoother and clearer tone to my ears so I'm happy with that. If I replace the neck 490r with a 57 should I expect similar results? From what I've read the 490r and 57 classic are fairly similar. What are your experiences? I'd hate to drop $150 just to end up with a "meh" upgrade in the neck position. Thanks in advance for any wisdom you all might send my way!
  9. jfletcher67


    2011 Standard in Pelham Blue. Be still my heart!
  10. 2008 ES-137 Classic in tri-burst. Added to my stable just a few days ago.
  11. Ok, here goes. Finally some of my pics of the new 137. As for review, so far it's very positive. A very "woofy" sound as compared to 335's I've owned and a recent 139. Definitely had to tweak the amp a bit. I'm not sure of the pickups yet because I'm used to Burstbucker Pro's. These sound a bit hotter, yet somehow more compressed if that makes sense. Not quite as open as the BB Pro's. Build quality is excellent, action and intonation spot on. Weight is right at 8.75 lbs so she's a touch on the hefty side but that's ok. I've had Les Paul's over 10 lbs before. The neck is simply amazing. Nice thickness, but not overly so. It's a 2008 but it appears un-played to my eyes. There's no wear on the body, just some very minor pick swirl on the pickguard. Frets look brand new. It came with what seemed to be 12's, but I put a set of 10's on last night and that helped playability quite a bit. I'll have a setup done soon to make sure everything's good to go. Kidblast - I was looking at a 135 as well, and you're right that those are fantastic guitars. I owned one briefly about 15 years ago and have regretted selling it for years. When it came down to it the price was right on the 137 so I went with it.
  12. The pics I took won't load. Files are too large apparently.
  13. Here are some pics from the Olivia's Vintage website of the guitar. It arrived safely, sounds great and looks even better in person! :)
  14. Ahhh, are there three greater words in the English language? Actually yes there are, several came to mind as I was typing this but those three are definitely top ten! I'm waiting for the big brown truck to bring my '08 ES-137 in tri-burst. Bought from Oilvia's last Friday. Pics to follow!
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