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  1. F/E on regaurds to your S/G look inside where the volume/tone pods are,on back of cap there should (b) a stamped no.in code it has the date they where installed then contact GUITOLOGIST on youtube he can tell you how to decipher

  2. My older custom sg has 6 digit serial number 05xxxx with NO "made in the Usa" stamped under the serial number. It has a volute at the head stock. The i is not dotted in the gibson logo. Please help me out with dating.
  3. I did a simple cell phone recording of my j45tv and the dy90. Played it through an amp and the 1975 Yairi Dy 90 was more than head and shoulders above. That being said the gibson j45 is better when playing along with music because it rings loud and true.Sounds contradictary I know but thats how it is in my not so humble opinion.
  4. I have to say its my 1975 yairi dy 90. This aged laminate jacaranda back and sides has the richest balanced sound with incredible bottom end and complex overtones. Piano like irry sustain. Very comfortable wide neck. Whats really cool is I got it very cheap. I threw in a 30$ fishman pickup and it sounds better in the amp than my other guitars with more exspensive pickups. Its a rare guitar. Cant do it justice by just talking.I will try and do a very amature recording.
  5. Ive just recently got into electrics. Not sure what year this is. Sure great sounding with lots of vintage tone.
  6. Does not say made in usa on back of head stock
  7. I have a sg custom with block inlays and bigsby.would like some opinions on the year. Serial number 052617
  8. Thanks that does help.Guitar looks origonal except for different pickups.
  9. I have an sg electric. Has bigsby, 2 pickups, big block fret board inlays and custom style inlay on head stock.serial # is 0526xx.I would appreciate any info about this guitar. It sounds great but usually customs have 3 pickups. Why does this one 2 pickups? Trying to upload pics.
  10. Going to see it in few minutes. I wanted to make sure its made in Japan. Does serial number help. Trying to find out what they are worth.
  11. What is easiest way to tell if guitar was made in Japan? Has blue and tan lable.SERIAL NO 41XXX16. I have chance to buy. What is it worth? It is riviera.
  12. So You think that the blonde (natural finish with new yorker pickups) is comparable to sunburst with pat pickups?.Maybe these old epis in very condition are just hard to come by.
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