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  1. Thanks I was worried haha I don't use it much at all anymore only in the rare occasion my fingers stick . When I was in Florida I lived a block away from the beach and the strings took a beating . String technology has come a long way and I now the difference between good strings and cheap ones haha Strings last me a long time now without cleaning aids and again it's the result of good strings and less ocean .
  2. DON"T throw rocks at me hahahaha I use WD-40 been using it for 30yrs 2.99 a can depending on size LOL
  3. Pm sent ClasicRK Does anyone have info on these models ?
  4. One way or another a new guitar makes its way to a luthier at least in my cases for set ups . If you have a few days let s good Luther check it out he'll tell what is best to do also it could be a saddle issue which is nothing to fix . Good luck 😊
  5. Like Guilds , Blueridges maybe a Eastman or Martin or Gib hehehe .... But really my guitars changed fast once I bought the DR500mce and because I wanted another one to compliment it and unfortunately the sound of the new ones just out did the Epi I'm not busting on it for it was a great guitar for the money if Epi would add a few hundred bucks to the price and really improve the over all tone I could come back to a Epi again . I know many will argue there ain't nothing wrong and you'd be right so long as your happy . Mr C will be more aware from now on about future purchases .. It's all about the tone about the tone dun dun dun dun ... 🎶 lol Happy recording and writing Mr C 😃
  6. Wow you can hear that ol time boxy sound those guitars had back in the day . Only thing missing from that tune was a spliff lol Thanks 😃🍺
  7. I think there's something to be side about improvements like this . I got my 400.00 for my dr though you can find them cheaper but your not Going find one that plays like her easily and with the case and set up. So 200.00 ain't bad if the buyer knows a little about guitars or more understanding that they have to flip a set up bill so having hopefully right for there playing is a perk . I have found that not one guitar I bought even my 2013 American Guild that did not need a set up right out the box maybe it's just my luck or knowing what I need but it was always money spent .
  8. I was around lol but to young to know . I need a link to hear that song with that guitar :)
  9. Hey if I did not like it I wouldn't ask for vid'age lol but I have to say it does sound nice . Not sure if I shared this buffer overload but I love 12's and a lot of folks have them but keep them in the closet but I'm not sharing this to compare 12's more to show what it can offer . Fun times for sure . There's two tunes one follows China bay which uploaded funky which I'll link the next one I think it jump to is a strum crazy fun piece I came up with since I got the new 12 . https://soundcloud.com/agradeleous234/china-bay-instrumental So I would love to see your new 12 in vid lol and yes complete the new12 tune and most importantly enjoy it and take her to the next level . 😜
  10. One could always look at blueridge , Guild gad series , Eastmans look for used if the retail price is to high . Both Guild and blueridge perform well for price and all solid woods . Sure wish Epi would fix the issue I'm sure there well aware of this and only thing that makes sense to me not wanting to deprive Gibson sales but wait .... Really ? Guess it could also be a cost issue and price range they want to stay in so wood quality is major were the pricing is concerned but I digress .
  11. My DR500MCE was that way be it the heavy finish or the design . It was good by itself but otherwise not so much unfortunate because I really liked it . Played great and one darn good neck . I sold it just yesterday.
  12. Oh boy ....... I'm Epiphoneless . Sorry guys but I sold the DR but on the bright side there an open space on wall a hook that must once again hold a beautiful guitar ...... For now I'll just enjoy the 2 errr... three I have till I can persuade the wife I need a new one lol
  13. Yaaaaaaay now how about a video ? Lol So ..... Do you like it ? Are ya gunna keep it ? Are you ? Are you ? Huh ? Huh ?
  14. The head box chieftain told me via deminsonal shifts that at this point you were due some luck but really it's experience . I thought smoke signals would been easier but he and the gang frowned at that and left ... Hmmmm ......
  15. Nice 😃 audio please .... Hehehehehe ......
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