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  1. The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Cream. The Jam. Nirvana.
  2. I like the look of some of them , just not sure if I want to spend a large amount of money on a guitar that looks like it was designed by Max Ernst .
  3. I read those Eastwood guitars are made in the UK? Could be wrong though...
  4. Scarey by request more like! :o
  5. At 10 I was playing soccer, riding my bike with my pals, having lots of fights (I always ended up in scraps, much to the dismay of my parents! ), reading DC and Marvel comics and skateboarding. Guitars were a few years away yet, I couldn't even be bothered to hit the Triangle in time in the school play !
  6. I still tap my foot a bit, just habit I suppose.
  7. You gotta get a Tele now!!! Cool T though Rabs!!
  8. London Calling by The Clash, it's so diverse and I never get bored listening to it, after that it would probably be The Who's Quadrophenia, and then, well then there's.....just too much lol!
  9. Watching The Who playing Woodstock, then probably the original Alice Cooper band. Can't remember which came first.
  10. Big time congrats, judging from the other pics you posted whe looks to be a real beauty, enjoy and HNSGD!
  11. It's a great mag, haven't got the latest though.
  12. Got 2 - Come Together & Helter Skelter. And then the rest...
  13. Nah, he just wandered into shot.
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