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  1. Saw Eric Clapton in Nashville and Jeff Beck at Bonnaroo. Hopefully going to see The Black Crowes at the Ryman in September and Joe Bonamassa at TPAC
  2. Personally i'd keep it that way. It makes it look unique and very cool.
  3. I'll tell you what i tell my underclassmen friends who complain about summer reading: Sparknotes is your friend. http://www.sparknotes.com/
  4. I play .11s and when tried a friend's guitar i felt like a beginner again because i couldn't do anything like normal. He was using .08s.
  5. If your lookin in to the blues stuff you should check out Indigenous and Joe Bonamassa. Great players there
  6. He guys are right half the time the audience doesn't even notice. My band played as the house band gor our high school's yearly american idol knockoff competion and we tried to play Play That Funky Music. I had just learned the words that morning (attempted to) and was not ready but the guys wanted to do it . Needless to say i wasn't ready but we did it anyway and wure enough i couldn't remember anythink but the first verse so i just mumbled something that sounded like words and lo and behold we had almost the whole gym rockin out. note to self: that's still a popular song.....
  7. Gorgeous guitar! What was it called again?
  8. I honestly thought there were more Hendrix fans on here than this.....
  9. Happy Thanksgiving guys. This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for Thanksgiving
  10. Sounds good man. Better than i was after just picking up slide.
  11. Many thanks Surfpup. You wouldn't believe what a headache it was trying to get three modern/hard rock guys to learn that turnaround lol
  12. Sounds good bro! I taught myself slide with Duane as my guide and you'll be burnin in no time if you stick with it I've been at it for a year now and they think i'm the best slide player in town lol [YOUTUBE]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOVAtf75TlQ[/YOUTUBE]
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