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  1. That 200 is a great guitar MP. Best of luck in your hunt.
  2. I own 7 Gibson acoustics, 3 Martins, 1 Larrivee and 1 Wechter acoustic. I own 3 Les Pauls. and 1 Strat and 3 epiphone electrics.
  3. I did see John not long ago and she appeared with him. Love the guitar. I wish her well.
  4. never warmed up to them myself as far as tone and I never liked the curved back shape.
  5. Ride Like The Wind - Christopher Cross
  6. Great story Sal Thanks for sharing it. I live about 60 miles from Indianapolis so I am familiar with Kenny Moore and his new contract he just signed recently. I now have a even better reason to root for him to do well.
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