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  1. Congratulations Jinder, that is a beauty.
  2. Sweet! I too would love the 12 fretter.
  3. Way to go Retired! Happy Birthday! I hope you are able to celebrate many more.
  4. I dont mind Folk and love a lot of it ..I get that end of it but it does not mean that everything has to be a political statement just because you dont like a certain politician...I really dont have an issue with statement songs but when all the videos and discussion between songs are about what you want to people to think...not for me...
  5. I agree . I just recently played the deluxe D-28 and thought it was nice the things I liked about it I dont think were to do with the pins. No way I would drop two bills on them either.
  6. Senior Chief , Sgt..Nice collection there...Love all of the Martin's you have. I do have a question. I am wondering about the Luxe end pins they sell. Anybody tried them? Can they be that good? and why does the liquid metal make a difference? 199.00 is expensive, at least to me.
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