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  1. Very nice Congrats Karloff!
  2. not much in the way of percussion ..but oh well.
  3. Very nice Sal..love the song..great album. Thanks
  4. Welcome to the forum and nice the wife plays as well...I think..Ha ..a couple nice guitars there.
  5. Yes that is very pretty...Welcome to the club..and forum. Enjoy it they make good friends to get during this second wave of the virus.
  6. Nice ! Congratulations Steve...Enjoy it.
  7. I agree very natural and laid back...good stuff Roger.
  8. Very nice I really like it and good job. thanks for posting it.
  9. Hey Jinder, I am so sorry to hear of the health issues and I am sure sending all my best wishes and prayers ... My best to you and your loved ones Sir.
  10. I too use both..and both work great
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