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  1. Although I dont mind refinishing as I am not a collectorbut I would rather in be original.. So I can do either If the guitar sings I listen.
  2. Son Of A Son Of A Sailor - Jimmy Buffett
  3. I really like it...I like the tone of your Farida as well I have tried a couple at Elderly's been really tempted to get one..may still. Anyway Good stuff thanks for sharing it.
  4. ohhh! well I might consider renting a small vehicle...
  5. How far are you talking...I know where Johnson City is but not where you are in Al. I would say two trips but it really depends on how far of a drive it is...Best of luck in your new location and getting there.
  6. You Aint Seen Nothing Yet - Bachman Turner Overdrive
  7. Seems like there is a market for anything now days sooo..you never know!
  8. Congratulations...Nice guitars Have fun
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