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  1. Always up to listening to Gilmour..thanks for sharing it Rabs.
  2. Congratulations Steve..nice guitar..enjoy
  3. I get sick of all these "new" terms like hashtag , it is a pound sign..or like the commerical that says "nose blind' they just cant say become immune to...this era just has to create a new word for everything..kinda like trying to change our history by tearing down monuments etc...stupid stuff going on today
  4. I get that but it just doesnt seem worth it ..resale wont carry the value as a Gibson etc..I will be happy with the Gibsons I have and would not go there. Just me.
  5. I havent had any vinyl for 35 years but used to have quite a bit..I wonder though how has the quality of the equipment improved now days? The old days if you didnt have a really good system you got the popping etc on vinyl..has that gotten better on the lower end systems or do you still have to spend a good amount of money? Does the average person really hear that much difference? I dont know just asking the question. I like both as they both have advantages.
  6. I have never understood why they made it and called it epiphone and charged Gibson money for it?? Why not just go ahead and put the gibson name on it..I have played it and it was nice but not that much nicer...Sorry but just a waste of money to me..
  7. I doubt this is the kind of relevence DLR wouls aspire to since it does not pay anything, because we can talk about feeding their ego but the bottom line is still all about making it pay for your ego, otherwise they(Him) would do plenty of free gigs etc...
  8. I agree MP..there are so many good ones from the era..I still think Wes Montgomery is to be considered amoung the best and Terry Kath of Chicago are great ones from that era..they may not be the best but are amoung them. Terry Kath was incredible..
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