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  1. So far I have been able to see John Fogherty , Hall and Oates, Leo Kotke and Eric Clapton and still have tickets for Tommy Emmanuel
  2. I agree I saw them in1978 on the Some Girls tour and they were awful, I have had many chances to see them since but declined. Unfortunately the Stones and Dylan both take my top prize for the worst show I have been to and that is right around 300. thing is I like their music.
  3. Congratulations that is a beauty
  4. I have had and do own some Martin guitars and I like them but I love the Gibson acoustics, I have owned 4 times the Gibson's over Martin's.
  5. Gorgeous ! I wish I had not seen it, Now I want one..Thanks for sharing and have a great time with it.
  6. Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley - Robert Palmer
  7. I could care less really who has two sound holes as that is not the attraction for me , If it was I would have bought a Michael Kelley or a Breedove. I just like another model option and it is easier on a bad shoulder. I also like the "Bare Knuckles" of the line it is just about the sound.
  8. I went to Nashville for the Eric Clapton show Tuesday and visited the Gibson Garage. I was shocked when they had all four versions sitting on stands. I tried to play all four but it was busy and there was one young kid playing loudly non stop. The feel was good but could not hear at all. the acoustic room is small so it does not take much to drown out everyone else. but I was excited to see them. I still have a g45 I personally like the line.
  9. She Blinded Me With Science - Thomas Dolby
  10. Great job MP Thanks for sharing it. Love that guitar!
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