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  1. Apologies for not adding this in my previous post... First, Thanks for the great comments and help you guys offer. I am extremely happy with the my Traditional Pro. again, I had the Guitar shipped to Saudi Arabia, the weather here is extremely dry during the summer and I am in a high plains desert area. I say this because weather and altitude affect wood products, which is why most everything here is made out of concrete. As for a professional set up, there is no one in country that is capable of providing such service. I rely on YouTube and a couple friends that are here and help me throughout my learning. I picked up my guitar a few days after it arrived, so it had some time to acclimate. Upon inspection, The neck was dead straight, and all the strings were tuned down exactly 2 tones/pitches. Tuning was smooth and easy. I have been playing a Lag TA66ACE, electric acoustic, for a few months and there is a difference in the tuning machines. I did not experience any sort of fret buzz, except of course self inflicted. And as for the action, I haven't played enough to determine if I like it high or low. But straight out of the box my LP is easy for me to properly fret each string in the time it takes me to maneuver my fingers. The intonation was also spot on. I do not like the strap locks that came with my guitar. They have very sharp edges and I'm afraid that I'll drop them onto the guitar face and scar it. And if I were to wrap the cable from the jack and loop it through the rear of the strap, there's a possibility of the cord being gouged or cut. Bought some Ernie Ball strap locks and the included screws just don't fit correctly. I am a bit concerned about the bridge pickup. It looks as though the wax is faulty/missing. It doesn't look the same as the neck pickup. It plays good, but I have nothing to compare it too. The cosmetic issue could have been negated if I were to go to a brick store and visually check it out prior to purchase. But I will turn this to a positive and remember that this makes mine unique! :) I like seeing and feeling the grain of the wood and I'm happy that it's not covered by veneer or lacquer. I am partial, my wife calls it picky, to guitars being certain colors. I originally wanted the Custom Pro and it had to be white, my Trad Pro had to be black, and when I get my WildKat it will be white/gold combo. I don't care too much for the bursts'. oh, and my Strat will be Seafoam Green. I also prefer maple fingerboards, if only for looks and nothing else. I have a plan to get it pinstriped, but this may be down the raod when I finally get back home to Kansas. It's been a couple days since I first tuned and the strings are stretching a bit, which is to be expected. Does anyone know what type of strings Epiphone uses for their production models? The case is a gorgeously different piece of kit. I was going to add more photos, but I used up my size quota.
  2. My guitar arrived a few days ago, but I just got back and picked it up. Oh man is it awesome! I picked up the Gator case along with it, Brown and Magenta. The Gator doesn't provide a snug fit though. Hopefully that won't be a problem since I don't plan to travel much with it. The guitar has what I think are could've-been-taken-care-of issues; The bridge pup looks as though the wax has been removed, teh back has many spots where the flat black paint didn't get down into the grain, the edges on the back have un finished end grain. Pics are included... good bad and ugly. I really do like this guitar though. Here it is folks;
  3. I was going to make one of those 'unboxing' videos that you see on Youtube, but I don't think I'll have the patience to set up the camera before ripping open the box. ;) I will post pics though. George
  4. Ok so here is my story... I am stationed in Saudi Arabia and I receive my mail through the APO system. I placed my order online through Guitar Center and was very happy to catch the 15% off non sale items promotion. I also had other items beside the guitar in my order; case, strap, strap locks, and picks. I was pleased with my purchase although I had to pay shipping about $19. I am friends with GC on Facebook and they posted one of those promotional advertising posts. I couldn't believe all the haters that were posting about how terrible GC was for only offering a 15% discount on Black Friday. So I chimed in and said my piece and that I was happy to be charged for only shipping and not tax, and the order was being shipped to an APO address. I didn't realize that GC had a person that actually monitors these comments, she emailed me and told me I shouldn't have even been charged for the shipping! Well I was surprised. I figured I was charged shipping because of being oversized. She refunded me the shipping charge. A few day later I was on Amazon and found the other items were each about $10 cheaper. So now I am feeling like a pest to this lady, I asked if she would pricematch them. With a pleasant email response she told me that she would look into it for me. The next email was terrific.... She was able to find the items even lower than what I told her so she gave me the lower price! Holy cow, I am a GC customer for life now. SO I saved another $50 after the discount on the guitar. Thanks for reading my story, I have had a smile since last Friday and can't wait for my Les Paul Traditional Pro to arrive. I will be burning up Rocksmith 2014 very soon. George
  5. Ok, so I made my purchase a few days ago. I hit Guitar Center for their 15% off non sale item and bought the ......... Epiphone LP Traditional Pro! Oh yeah, in black. I have an terrific story about Guitar Center's customer service if anyone would like to hear it.
  6. How do i find a retailer that is selling the "EXCLUSIVE - Available at selected retailers" colors? The 'buy now' link only show Epiphone retailers. George
  7. Thanks for the input. Crust- Thanks for the pics. Although I really want a solid Alpine White Les Paul, I will get the Standard Pro and save a couple hundred bucks to put towards an amp and an distortion pedal. You guys rock! George
  8. Ok Gents, I have a terrible decision to make. I am all set to purchase my new Les Paul but I just don't know what the differences are. I've had my eye on the LP Custom Pro, mainly for the coil-splitting option. But now I see that there is a LP Standard Pro that has the same feature! Is it just cosmetics that make the difference between the Standard Pro and the Custom Pro? I am a new player and I am looking for an instrument to grow into and then be able to hand it down to my daughter in the future. Thanks, George
  9. http:// ksu .craigs list. org/ msg/ 3774605207.html Ok, here is the one I am looking at. (remove the spaces from the link) Like I said, it's a little un-nerving that he had it refinished and the serial is removed, thus keeping me from making a positive ID. Again, Let me know what you think. George
  10. I'm getting itchy fingers, I get home in a week and I can't wait to get my own Epi LP. I may have some issues with it in Saudi though. The weather in the summer is pretty constant, HOT and dry. But between October and June the humidity goes pretty crazy. I'm not too crazy about the sunburst patterns, I like the solid white ones. But I will take whatever comes along in my price range.
  11. Thanks Blue, That is the reply I expected. But it looks really cool with the three hum's in it. I didn't even think of the picking side of it. I am new to playing, midlife crisis and all, so I was looking to get something I would 'grow' into. LP's have held my eye... now to find another one. Thanks.
  12. Hey guys, I am looking at getting a used Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plus. I found one online but I have some reservations about it. I have been doing a bit of research and I found only two Epiphone models that come with 3 humbuckers, and none of those were natural finish. The bridge and neck hum's are white and the center one is black. He states that there are four controls, 1 tone and 3 volume. I asked him for the serial number, so that I could research it more, and he told me that it was removed when the guitar was refinished..... but it still has the branding on the front side of the head stock! He's asking what would seem to be a fair price, $250, but I am a bit apprehensive with a missing serial and unusual pickup styling. Please help me in deciding if I should get this one. I have a week before I fly home for a month and the return back to Saudi Arabia for another year. I want to get it as soon as I get home to maximize my learning curve. Thanks, George
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