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  1. My newest guitar is a Guild 1993 JF 30 that's fantastic. However it made me also appreciate the differences of the Southern Jumbo
  2. Doc Watson Stefan Grossman Mick Taylor- his solos with the Stones are just so simple and lyrical, I think he was just the bad while he was with the Stones
  3. I know you said square but I put them on my Southern Jumbo and they sounded great
  4. Thanks everyone. I'm taking it in and will see what they say at Dusty Strings.
  5. Hi all, just starting noticing that the southern Jumbo doesn't stay in tune as I play up the neck. In other words, the open B string is in tune but as I play say a D chord and it sounds off so when I played a D on the b string it was sharp. My other guitars don't do this is there a common diagnosis/fix for this?
  6. Southern Jumbo? I know they don't seem as popular as the others but the older versions seem to be amazing iconic models
  7. I just ordered two PBS and two 80/20 on Amazon
  8. That's distressing to hear, that's what I put on!
  9. After going around the horn and trying and mostly loving the different strings on my Southern Jumbo I found the mediums currently on it too hard to do any blues fingerpicking I'm trying to learn, so I pulled out the package of Gibson strings they came with (lights) and they sounded fantastic.
  10. I played a J 45 walnut one time and it sounded awesome, great clarity and punch, not muted at all.
  11. I have a Westerly JF 30- bought it used. I love that guitar
  12. My guitars Southern Jumbo 2018 Martin HD 28 VTS (baked top) 2017 Guild JF 30 1992 I was learning bluegrass and now learning blues fingerpicking, trying to pick up some Etta Baker tunes from my teacher
  13. It's such a contrast to my Southern Jumbo I'm appreciating that more too
  14. So what's the difference in sound between the two maples?
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