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  1. My first amp was a cheaper Roland Stack, 30 watt Cube. Though it could get pretty loud by itself, a feature on it I liked was the Power Squeezer button for when you want the same loud distortion from the amp, with just less volume (nice for if your parents are asleep and you want to play Metallica or Black Sabbath ) I'm looking to possibly get an Orange, due to them having good reviews. But I am definately in need of a new amp soon. What about you guys?
  2. There is only one signature Buckethead guitar I think, but he uses different types of Les Pauls, as well as Ibanez. http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/Les-Paul/Gibson-USA/Buckethead-Signature-Les-Paul.aspx - Heres the link to the signature. Honestly I think it's strange that Buckethead has his own signature when Izzy Stradlin or Ted Nugent doesnt :lol:
  3. Just gathering a general opinion, which do you prefer, the 339 or 335? Though the 339 has a smaller body, both are hollow-body guitars. Any reasons why one is better than the other?
  4. I think he's only saying it was previously owned by Slash just to get a few more bucks out of you, stuff like that happens all the time. My instructor was sold an Eric Johnson signature strat and was told Eric himself played it...only to be disproven by my instructor actually having dinner with the man himself, and Eric claiming he never touched a strat with that serial number and setup. He warned "Watch out for frauds...they love to use names for extra cash."
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