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  1. It's a matte nitrocellulose lacquer finish. I actually really like the matte finish, it was one of my selling points on top of the color itself. Always been a big fan of the desert sunburst. Thanks for the input JM2112 and LSAR! I'm just glad that it's an American made guitar
  2. My parents bought me a 2013 Les Paul Special from Guitar Center about a week ago for my college graduation and I have a question for you guys. The guitar I got is this one. I didn't notice it until I got home, but it seems to be missing the Les Paul logo on the headstock. Here's a picture of mine. The one pictured on Guitar Center's website has it so I'm wondering if this may have been something that slipped by Gibson quality control? I love playing it, but I'm just curious. Thanks in advance!
  3. I just got one for my college graduation last week and I've got to say I really love mine. It's my first Gibson (been playing an Ibanez GAX70 for 8 years) so I'm still excited about owning a piece of legendary equipment. One strange thing about it is that it doesn't have the Les Paul insignia on the head stock like it does on the pictured ones on GC's and Musiciansfriend websites. I was going to ask at Guitar Center about that. I definitely want another Les Paul in the future, probably a Classic. I would say that this Gibson would be good for beginners and intermediates but I can definitely recommend it!
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