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  1. Bence- Thanks for the clarification! Kidblast, thanks for the detailed info! GC has that string of the month club (or whatever it's called..) which gives me $5 off a pack of strings/month..I think come July, I'll mosey on down and pick up a pack for a try--- I have to admit, I don't change my strings as often as I "should." I kind of prefer a deadened string that offers up a nice "thump" on the bass side...truth be told, only reason I change strings anymore is to keep from terrible intonation issues at bay.,, Thanks again all for all the info! -scott
  2. Bence, could you further elaborate on your comments..? What specifically is the material Gibson uses for their fret wire? What specifically makes EB strings not very durable? Thanks -scott
  3. Hello, I was curious to know what the forum members here think about Ernie Ball Cobalt strings, and how they compare to Ernie Ball Nickel wounds... I play mainly SG's with full size humbuckers and occasionally Les Pauls (also with full size HB) with Ernie Ball Super Slinky Nickel Wound 09-42's.. I play mostly classic rock and bluesy stuff. I can't say I have any complaints with the nickel wound strings, but the advertisements, and buzz around has my interests piqued.. anyone have any experience/opinions on these strings? Thanks in advance for any info! -scott
  4. I've had the P94R installed in a few SG's over the years.. It's a fantastic pickup if you're looking for a quick mod into single coil land... that being said, I have to agree with the above comments, there's nothing like the real thing... -scott
  5. nvm... just did some reading--believe it or not, some les pauls from the late 50's DID bear the SG namesake.....
  6. I'm sure it's a fine guitar.. But does anybody else find it odd that there's a '50's tribute for a guitar that never saw daylight in the '50's..? I mean, I guess I get it..but then again I don't.
  7. I always hear the 490R being described as muddy-- yes--the higher output will give it less clarity than an original spec PAF (well...depending on who wound it, I suppose..) but to my ears, it's by no means muddy. I put a 490R in the neck of my PRS McCarty (Korina) it truly opened it up to a whole new world of possibilities. The depth of bass expanded tremendously (well..any replacement for a PRS stock pup should open up the bass response, but thats a topic for another thread..) and gave the guitar a real woody tone that I would expect from an SG, not a PRS. I've also found the 498T to be exceptional with the tone knob rolled down to about 6 -- still has the clarity and highs to cut through it, but it also woodies up the tone.. thanks for the insights! -scott
  8. IMO, you can't go wrong with anything SD puts out. Best bang for buck.
  9. As a correction to my post-- It seems the LP studios now have a maple cap. Still can't go wrong, for the price. Sorry for any confusion. -scott
  10. Thanks everybody for the quick responses! I've been predominately an LP player, so my experiences with SG's is limited... BTW, has there ever been a solid explanation for some early to mid '60's SG's having that super narrow nut width..? Over the years, there's been more than one occasion where a fellow player brought one to the studio/stage that was just unbelievably narrow at the nut-- was this an intentional design choice? Come to think of it..an acquaintance picked up a used Angus model SG, and it blew me away at how narrow it was-- any thoughts? or was this just coincidental with a bunch over the years? I'm very thankful and appreciative for all of your insights! I've been on the UMGF for years, but just recently discovered these forums..now I need to do some catching up! thanks again! -scott
  11. my advice: play them all. Go with the guitar with which your all of your five senses fall in love. try out the LP studio--one huge advantage the LP studio has that I feel is far too often overlooked: all mahogany construction. In my opinion, the all mahogany body that most SG's offer is what gives it that killer tone. Don't be afraid of the 490, and 498 buckers, they sound GREAT in all hog guitars. There's a reason they're (490R & 498T..) still stock in the les paul custom..they work. I'm not a huge fan of the 60's slim profile neck, so the 2013 Standard I had, I returned, and picked up a clearance 2011 model SG standard--with the thicker "SG Rounded" neck profile..it's what I like. However, there is something to be said for having '57 classics as stock, so I say the 2013 standard is a must try--if only for your ears, they won't be let down.. I don't know much about the '60's and 70's tribute models, but I find it hard to believe that they would be of lesser quality. I understand that feature wise, you may find them lacking compared to a standard model, or even a custom, but the Gibson quality should still be there. But again, as stated before, try them all out. I hate to admit it, but I've run into a few gibbys that fell below what I would consider their best work..very similar to the guitars gibson was putting out in the early 80's--most were fantastic, but some had a few drawbacks that made them undesirable.. The beauty of any gibson is when you get it home, the salesperson may have a bit more cash than you expected to doll out..but you have an american made gem. In a time when it's a challenge to find quality american anything--we can always sit back, breathe a sigh of relief in the thought that our passion of guitars is best served by american companies. I drive a honda, so don't turn that last sentence into a catchall for my views LOL! Let us know what you end up with--GAS is highly contagious, so post pics to help alleviate ours, and in some cases, the pics may aggravate our GAS...but we'll find a way to make it through.. -scott
  12. Thanks! The weight distribution is enough to make me stick with the stock tuners--one of the reasons this particular SG is special to me is its outstanding balance. I've played many SG's that suffer from that very issue of balance being thrown off by an overly weighty headstock (or at least that was my diagnosis of the balance issue..) Thanks!! -scott
  13. Hi all, picked this set of Allparts tuners up dirt cheap and was wondering if they would be worth the time and effort it takes to swap them out for the stock tuners on my 2011 SG Standard. What I mean is, I don't have any complaints about the stock "Gibson Deluxe" stamped tuners that are on it now, so would I be benefiting from installing these? Is it possible that they are of a higher quality than what came stock? Here's a link to the tuners: http://www.allparts.com/TK-0777-010-Sealed-Tuning-Keys-Chrome_p_3660.html Thanks for any replies! -scottt
  14. Thanks all who replied! you guys rock! -scott
  15. I feel like the Gibson 490R & 498T pickup combo in the right guitar is highly overrated. Does anyone else feel like they get a bad rap..? It's been my experience that many players who buy a new LP Studio, or SG Standard (two of the more affordable Gibson USA models..) often times blindly replace one, or both of these pickups immediately after getting their guitar home. This seems a travesty to me! It's my opinion that the 490, and 498 are some of Gibsons best pickups when in an all mahogany guitar.. Any thoughts? -scott
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