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  1. Yeah, well, my wife's out of town and I'm bored... That's probably it... Oh, well, since BigKahune (I guess bigkahune is more acceptable now) has kinda put a tamper on things with his visions of a cold, sterile new world, Uncle Jack and his horse will just have to get off electronically and be done with it... FIN
  2. But then what happens to Uncle Jack and his horse?
  3. Missed that! Even after rar's post I still didn't notice it! My apologies to Bob - he did catch it first...
  4. Unfortunately, all this discussion still hasn’t solved the problem of the capitalizationly-challenged... However, I think that with the focus being shifted to Uncle Jack and his horse, we now know what they have been doing with at least of their typing hands instead of hitting the shift key...
  5. Okay, so far we have two people who are more concerned with getting the horse off than with the child learning proper grammar and another who would rather argue semantics with the teacher instead of getting either Uncle Jack or the poor horse off - interesting...
  6. Received this in an email - seemed kinda relevant with all the kiddies running around here lately... From a teacher - short and to the point: In the world of hi-tech gadgetry, I've noticed that more and more people who send text messages and emails have long forgotten the art of capital letters. For those of you who fall into this category, please take note of the following statement: "Capitalization is the difference between helping your Uncle Jack off a horse and helping your uncle jack off a horse." Is everybody clear on that?
  7. It's a great tribute and a great way to remember your friend, Bill...
  8. I don't really play harmonica much - just fool around with them some on things like Dylan and Neil Young songs... I first picked up a Marine Band back in the '70s because they were supposed to be THE harmonica - later I added a Hohner Blues Harp and a few others in different keys...
  9. The album doesn't come out until September - they're taking pre-orders over on Bob's official site for the bundles - the harmonica is a Hohner Bob Dylan Signature Series Model in the key of C... Here's a photo of the harp...
  10. Yeah, got my pre-order e-mail this morning - expensive harmonica - $100 for the harp & CD - $120 for the harp & vinyl LP - plus the little poster... bobdylan.com 'Exclusives'!
  11. I love pre-war acoustic blues but, man, Blind Willie Johnson is way too dark for me! Great stuff and all but, whew, it friggin' hits ya! And you said it right, zombywoof, his vocals will stone haunt you... Loved the way studios used to have their own unique sound - Otis Rush's Cobra recordings were far better than anything he did over at Chess - even with Willie Dixon producing at both places...
  12. Sure, all musicians have to start somewhere with something and then they develop their own technique and style - I was talking about 'blues guitarists' and the fact that I don't consider Hendrix to have been a 'blues guitarist' - he was a 'rock guitarist' who drew his influences from many different genres - to me a true 'blues guitarist' - or a true 'classical guitarist' for that matter - is just that and not a 'pop/rock/folk/acid/blues/whatever guitarist' - "you can only serve one master"...
  13. Calm down, son - in my initial post I simply stated that Hendrix usually bored the hell of me - I own tons of Hendrix LPs & CDs - including the album that track came from - so I am very familiar with his playing - just because someone plays a 'blues song' does not make them a 'blues guitarist' - I mean, damn, I love the live version of "Redhouse" off of the "Hendrix In The West" LP (they changed the version used when it was put on CD) but that still doesn't mean I'd consider him a 'blues guitarist' - Hendrix was what he was - a guitar player of the time strongly influenced by the things go
  14. All imitation - Hendrix never played an original blues lick in his life...
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