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  1. Try some T Cut on a polish cloth.
  2. After around 10 years without a Gibson my Fender passion was strong. My latest purchase (around 2 weeks ago) was going to be a buzz, a 22 year old '52 RI Tele with boutique pickups. It was awesome. The pickups were chimey and creamy, the neck a tapering V. Beautiful. Yet something wasn't right. I ignored it at first but after a few days I knew it wasn't happening. I was trawling the guitar shops looking at other Teles. Maybe a 72 Custom or another Baja was the ticket? I had my credit card burning through my wallet. I came home with this... My first love was the Les Paul but for years
  3. I was going to fill the TP holes in my Elitist sherry before a union flag refin, look like this one has had the same treatment.
  4. Thanks for adding me..

  5. No Gerrard or Suarez = no creativity! We will sort it out in the summer.

  6. Hows it going? Whats going on with liverpool??? beat the Mancs' 3-0 then lose to Braga! Well Sunderland tomorrow lets see how this will turn out. :D

  7. 80s ObGs had circuit back pickups with 'The Original' printed on them. This one is a plain Orville so it will have MIJ '57 Classics.
  8. ObG's have a nitro finish and USA pickups and hardware. Orvilles have a poly finish and Jap pickups and hardware, both great guitars. I had a few Orvilles when they were less well known, these days they are almost twice the price I used to pay for them. My last ObG Les Paul Custom cost me £250, you are looking at £700 now.
  9. If it's legit, $700 is a steal.
  10. Im getting along with the Tele quite well now, found the sweet spot on both pickups and got the action a touch lower. Not used to the glossy neck yet. Awesome guitar though.
  11. That's an easy fix, do it yourself!
  12. It was time for a change. This Tele is nice, I'm not sure about the glossy neck, usually I would just lightly sand it but I might just swap it for a Jap 72 Custom instead. Or get and SG. Or supersonics Riv!
  13. I have been a member of all the Fender forums for a long time :) The Tele is great, the glossy neck is a bit of a 'sticking point' if you pardon the pun! It needs a setup and a fiddle with the pickup heights before I can decide if it's a keeper.
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