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  1. Try some T Cut on a polish cloth.
  2. After around 10 years without a Gibson my Fender passion was strong. My latest purchase (around 2 weeks ago) was going to be a buzz, a 22 year old '52 RI Tele with boutique pickups. It was awesome. The pickups were chimey and creamy, the neck a tapering V. Beautiful. Yet something wasn't right. I ignored it at first but after a few days I knew it wasn't happening. I was trawling the guitar shops looking at other Teles. Maybe a 72 Custom or another Baja was the ticket? I had my credit card burning through my wallet. I came home with this... My first love was the Les Paul but for years I have been looking at Gibson's crazy offerings and thinking wtf?? Expensive and gimmicky. Until I saw their 2016 lineup. This LP Studio Traditional is simply stunning. Fit and finish is great, feels and sounds amazing. Those Burstbuckers Rock! What attracted me to Teles was the simplicity, and that's what makes this Studio a great guitar! At £649 it's the deal of the century. It's good to be back.
  3. I was going to fill the TP holes in my Elitist sherry before a union flag refin, look like this one has had the same treatment.
  4. Thanks for adding me..

  5. No Gerrard or Suarez = no creativity! We will sort it out in the summer.

  6. Hows it going? Whats going on with liverpool??? beat the Mancs' 3-0 then lose to Braga! Well Sunderland tomorrow lets see how this will turn out. :D

  7. 80s ObGs had circuit back pickups with 'The Original' printed on them. This one is a plain Orville so it will have MIJ '57 Classics.
  8. ObG's have a nitro finish and USA pickups and hardware. Orvilles have a poly finish and Jap pickups and hardware, both great guitars. I had a few Orvilles when they were less well known, these days they are almost twice the price I used to pay for them. My last ObG Les Paul Custom cost me £250, you are looking at £700 now.
  9. If it's legit, $700 is a steal.
  10. Im getting along with the Tele quite well now, found the sweet spot on both pickups and got the action a touch lower. Not used to the glossy neck yet. Awesome guitar though.
  11. That's an easy fix, do it yourself!
  12. It was time for a change. This Tele is nice, I'm not sure about the glossy neck, usually I would just lightly sand it but I might just swap it for a Jap 72 Custom instead. Or get and SG. Or supersonics Riv!
  13. I have been a member of all the Fender forums for a long time :) The Tele is great, the glossy neck is a bit of a 'sticking point' if you pardon the pun! It needs a setup and a fiddle with the pickup heights before I can decide if it's a keeper.
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