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  1. try one of these sites http://epiphonewiki.com/index.php/Epiphone_Serial_Number_Decoding http://www.guitardaterproject.org/epiphone.aspx
  2. looks like a crack in the finish, not the wood. generally I wouldn't worry about something like that if I really wanted the bass. on the other hand, there's plenty of violin basses out there so you should be able to find one without any flaws if you prefer a pristine one.
  3. if it's under warranty, contact Gibson customer service. my Tbird Pro IV had intermittently noisy pickups and they replaced them free of charge. I got it back within 2 weeks.
  4. have you tried the epiphone wiki page? http://epiphonewiki.com/index.php/Main_Page
  5. congrats on scoring the Rat! Lay's did a fine job! the Allparts saddles for the 3 point bridge are maybe 1/8" shorter than the Gibson saddles. they also match the fretboard radius. I think they're intended to be Epi replacement parts but they'll work on a Gibson bridge. http://www.allparts.com/BP-2075-001-Bass-Saddle-Set_p_1056.html
  6. ramone57


    thanks, I gave it a good going over with Dunlop 65 before taking that shot . it's got plenty of battle scars & dings. over the years, that bass became part of me. I don't play it much anymore but I'll never get rid of it
  7. ramone57


    the ebay bass has a mahogany neck & headstock, too. I'd say it's a decent conversion but not a true EB-3. my '72 was the only bass I had for 20+ years. never had a problem getting a clear, big, round tone. not a modern sounding bass at all but it always worked. it can bring the mud and the bridge pickup is great for distortion. 2 extra tricks!
  8. nice basses, Don! nice Flying V, Eddy!
  9. ramone57

    EB 2014

    lookin' good, G! I don't name my basses but I've taken to calling my chain saw Lon Chaney.
  10. another beautiful EB-3 SG! congrats, you know how to pick 'em!
  11. the Pro IV T-bird has a thin neck, too
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