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  1. try one of these sites http://epiphonewiki.com/index.php/Epiphone_Serial_Number_Decoding http://www.guitardaterproject.org/epiphone.aspx
  2. looks like a crack in the finish, not the wood. generally I wouldn't worry about something like that if I really wanted the bass. on the other hand, there's plenty of violin basses out there so you should be able to find one without any flaws if you prefer a pristine one.
  3. if it's under warranty, contact Gibson customer service. my Tbird Pro IV had intermittently noisy pickups and they replaced them free of charge. I got it back within 2 weeks.
  4. have you tried the epiphone wiki page? http://epiphonewiki.com/index.php/Main_Page
  5. congrats on scoring the Rat! Lay's did a fine job! the Allparts saddles for the 3 point bridge are maybe 1/8" shorter than the Gibson saddles. they also match the fretboard radius. I think they're intended to be Epi replacement parts but they'll work on a Gibson bridge. http://www.allparts.com/BP-2075-001-Bass-Saddle-Set_p_1056.html
  6. ramone57


    thanks, I gave it a good going over with Dunlop 65 before taking that shot . it's got plenty of battle scars & dings. over the years, that bass became part of me. I don't play it much anymore but I'll never get rid of it
  7. ramone57


    the ebay bass has a mahogany neck & headstock, too. I'd say it's a decent conversion but not a true EB-3. my '72 was the only bass I had for 20+ years. never had a problem getting a clear, big, round tone. not a modern sounding bass at all but it always worked. it can bring the mud and the bridge pickup is great for distortion. 2 extra tricks!
  8. nice basses, Don! nice Flying V, Eddy!
  9. ramone57

    EB 2014

    lookin' good, G! I don't name my basses but I've taken to calling my chain saw Lon Chaney.
  10. another beautiful EB-3 SG! congrats, you know how to pick 'em!
  11. the Pro IV T-bird has a thin neck, too
  12. looks nice, sounds good and it's only 22lbs, sweet!
  13. I like the little dude, too. something about those faded finishes appeal to me. once again, congrats on a beautiful bass!
  14. thatsa nice! do you still have the other cabs? variety is nice if you have the means and the space
  15. very nice, it does look fantastic! have fun with it!
  16. congrats on the new bass, you picked a good one! I got a Pro IV a few years ago from the local Guitar Center and it played fine out of the box as I recall. the bass was wrapped in plastic and the box was unopened, so I don't think it had been adjusted after leaving the factory.
  17. I get screws from one of the local repair shops. bring one of the screws with you to see if you can match it. good luck!
  18. Thunderbucker Ranch offers tbird pickups with alnico magnets but they not are cheap. everything I've heard about them has been overwhelmingly positive. http://www.thunderbuckerranch.com/index.html Mike Lull has tbird pickups. you might have to call to find out the specifics, they aren't featured on his website but you can see them installed on some of the bbasses on his site. http://www.mikelull.com/index.html there's a few others making tbird pickups but I can't recall who at the moment. hope that helps.
  19. that is a stunning bass! lucky for you your brother didn't take to it!
  20. yeah, dating Gibsons and Epiphones can get tricky. looking at the features usually helps narrow it down. good luck and enjoy your basses!
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