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  1. Very similar to mine I bought new around 1980 in Lafayette LA. I have a regular tail piece on it now that Roger Fritz, Gibson/Fritz Brothers, gave me when he did some work on it he also had a Super 7 pickup for the bridge as mine had gone out. Gigged it for years but now stays home safe and sound and use a Memphis Custom Shop ES-339 that looks like it's baby brother!
  2. Have a Memphis Custom Shop 339 Trad Pro. No F holes, 57 Classic/Classic+ Pu's. Push/Push coil taps, a built in boost I don't use. Locking tuners. 60/30 neck. A GREAT gigging guitar. Replaced my retired 1978 ES-347. Get lots of compliments on it.
  3. My go to is my Tele with the simple by HIGHLY effective Tele system, did add a 4 way switch. That being said can't imagine my 347 or 339 without the four. LOTS of tones in the middle when you can mix them. Rarely do I have them both on 10 when in the middle, for solos boost the one I feel like and then roll it back when done.
  4. Was playing my Trad Pro model with the 57 neck 57+ bridge at practice today. The other guitar player said after it was over "Don't EVER get rid of that guitar!"
  5. Oh yeah a few adult beverages, third set, slinky women let the volume wars begin!!!
  6. I have the ES-339 Traditional Pro so both PU's are tapped individually AND the built in 10db boost. Don't use the boost much, forget it's there. But I am tapping and untapping the coils constantly and mixing the PU's differently as I play. Generally the neck tapped is my favorite and it does cut through pretty good. 57 Classic Neck and 57 Classic + at the bridge. No f-holes but retains that wood ES tone.
  7. Yep sounds like it's fretting out and hitting a harmonic and the fretting out point.
  8. Stinger22

    New ES 339

    Piced kup a 339 Trad Pro brand new on clearance at GC for $1300. Got it to retire the ES-347 from gigging. Great gigging guitar, has coil splitter on each pu, push-push knob, and 10db built in boost which I hardly use. Fantastic tone, great weight, 60/30 neck is perfect! OH it has no F holes, came without a pick guard but added one.
  9. My two ladies 1979 ES-347 2013 ES-339 Traditional Pro. Both have coil tapping, ES-339 has 10db boost. Hmm want let me post from my Dropbox account oh well.
  10. Stinger22


    Have a 79 Tobacco Sunburst, it's the creme of my stable.
  11. This guy just made one from my 339, was real easy to work with using an Epiphone template and modifying for my Gibson. Merchant Quick Guards mikequickgold@gmail.com
  12. The "Memphis wiring" with the coil tapping. From the tone knob sweeps and lack of high end drop on volumes it sounds like it does. The tone pots have a broad sweep without everything happening between 10-7 which I like and no noticeable loss of balance in the tone when you lower the volume.
  13. Well I pulled the black top hats, the ones with the chrome label on top and put on a set of amber top hats and the skirts don;t come down as far so they look really funky as they sit higher. These are called top hats on some sites but also "bell". I don't like the label on top like the true top hats so looking for something like this http://www.amazon.com/AMBER-BELL-KNOBS-FITS-GIBSON/dp/B004NTZYLO/ref=sr_1_7?s=musical-instruments&ie=UTF8&qid=1399838577&sr=1-7&keywords=gibson+knobs+amber But with a deeper skirt like this http://www.amazon.com/Gibson-Vintage-Replacement-Chrome-Volume/dp/B003WY23EW
  14. Did you ever resolve, I need the same bracket.
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