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  1. to jcwillow777. All i'll can say, go to the store spend some time on playing this one, and i'm sure thats its gonna be a new item in your collection. Because this is a real fantastic guitar, the more i'll play lucille, the more i'll love her my guitars:lp standard ES339 pro lucille fender strat greetz bluesman
  2. Hey big norm, no that was no option. The guitar is great, and for what i think every musician has his own way of playing and thats what's count never try to sound as another, you can come close but never be the same. bb king has his own soul he put into his playing, so you can play the notes perfect but we all miss that soul of bb greetz bluesman
  3. Here some foto's of my Lucille
  4. thats the point, when i first fell this guitar, its feels so good i cant stop playing. these is made to play yes yes yes
  5. just got a gift from my love, she give me a brand new epiphone 'bb king' lucile. man what a guitar.its play so lovely, the fretboard plays so quick, end the sound its so ......... there are no words that can explain what i hear when i play lucile. thaks love, and thanks epiphone for this wonderfull, beautifull guitar. you both stole my heart,
  6. thanks the more i play the more i'll love it. its just when i grab it from the wall its feels right, how they can made it for that price. and the the sound is just unbelievable. its not a giby but its comes close i buy this ones not to have a a cheap giby, but just epihone produce just ecxelent guitars and for a price that payable for everyone hanks epi
  7. I got my new es 339 pro yesterday, i'll must say thanks epiphone its all what you promise and so much more. the sound is so great, its play's fatastic. I'll love my les paul standard, this is a whole different guitar the es give me everything i dream't off. this is a winner i'll mean this you must try him to feel what words can't say. greetz from belgium and thanks key music for the exelent service
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