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  1. I had really expected the "reissue" with the same knobs to be wired the same. The real reason is that I wanted one with no fret wear. It'e really not a big problem. The new switch is a 4-gang and the old wiring only requires a 3-gang so the new one can be easily rewired like the old. Then single-col switches can be added for the 'new' sounds too if you want. I'd like that better than adding series and phase switches to the new wiring. But to each his own; there are people who like the new wiring better. I'm considering getting rid of the rotary switch completely. I don't like
  2. Note they changed Bill Lawrence's "mid" tone control too. It no longer uses any inductor, and is no longer a bandpass filter. Now there's the typical treble cut lowpass and a new treble-pass lowcut.
  3. Wrote email to Gibson support instead of using phone. They came thru with the schematic for the reissue. Hi Gregory, Thanks for the email. We do indeed have the schematic for this model, I’ve attached it to this email. I would like to research this further so that I might be able to find out who you spoke with at Gibson over the phone that claimed we didn’t provide this information, if you have any information such as the date that you called and the phone number that you called from, I should be able to pinpoint who you spoke with and make sure that they understand that this inform
  4. On the up-side, if this LS6 is the result of the factory using Plek machines for some of the setup, and they all come out consistently set up this good, I'm in awe. Except for the Travis Beans this is the first new guitar I've ever seen that arrived set up this well. Usually I'm fiddling with intonation, nut, bridge, a bit of fret dress; then able to set the action a bit faster the cycle repeats. This did cost a lot more than the Epiphone (incredible bargain) I bought about the same time, but this came with the equivalent of $1000 of my time or a well-equipped lutier's $300 setup. The dece
  5. Still trying to get the schematic for my new "reissue" L6S. Still unsuccessful. Gibson said to go thru an authorized Gibson repair center. I did, and they said that Gibson would not release the guitar's schematic to them either. This is the first USA made guitar or amp I've ever purchased where the mfgr won't release the schematic. I find this totally unacceptable. I'll see whether I can email Gibson support instead of using the phone, so I can publish their official response.
  6. Feels light compared to my previous Travis Beans.
  7. I wish it had a better name too. Firebird, Explorer, Flying-V...
  8. I like a guitar that's SOLID. I expect it to hold pitch no matter what I do, not vibrato with my body movements like Pete Townsend shaking an S G (needless to say I'm no Pete Townsend). I love plain simpilcity: one volume, thick large solid maple body, solid maple neck, no vibrato tailpiece. Solid neck mounts or spine-thru. I love humbuckers. Not impressed with Fender's humbuckers or mounting pickups on a picguard, I was always intrigued by the idea of an L6S Gibson with a maple neck glued onto a maple body. The dual shaved cutaways of an SG seem to decrease its ridigity with pickup cav
  9. Sure, soon. My only compliant might be that one tuner is a bit sticky, they don't have quite the feel I'm used to, but I'm very very spoiled. Got a great guitar for less money than the case; guess that means I have to shop harder for the case next time.
  10. I picked up a barely-used Epiphone Les Paul Special II for $80 by searching Guitar Center online. $80. No fret wear. I've had a LOT of guitars. This is undoubtedly the best-playing value for the money I've ever run across. More stable than an SG. I don't kow if I would call it a Les Paul, it deserves its own name, and not a Melody Maker either. Setup was mediocre, the nut was grooved deep on the low-"E" for heavy-guage strings, easily corrected with a bit of epoxy and a welding-tip file. I picked up a new Gibson LS-6 at the same time, and I'm not sure it's 15 times more fun. This S
  11. cyclecamper

    My Kramers

    I had to sell my beloved Travis Bean guitars and basses after a nasty divorce and economic downturn. A few people got a lot of good deals from me back then. So when I was able, I picked up a black Kramer aluminum narrow "V" type single-pickup bass, which would probably have been a lot of fun, but it was short-scale and I wanted a longer scale bass. So I picked up a very plain-looking Kramer single-pickup aluminum-neck bass. I'm happy, except the neck is a little bit narrower than the Travis bass was. No frills, good player. I also got a Kramer Striker 424 w/ Floyd Rose. I couldn't ge
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