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  1. The control knobs are not stock fwiw No big deal. The pictures are to grainy to see whats going on with that headstock
  2. The SG in this post is from the 80s that was made for a short time. Gibson called it a special. Thats how said guitar got its name. Gibson called it that. Its not like a special that has been made consistently for over a decade. Starting in the 60s after for the short time the were called Les Pauls. That only changed because Les himself had a problem with that. From time to time Gibson reissues those guitar the started out as original specials with P-90s For the most part the call them specials IMHO like they should. Ive seen them called classic's. at least they had 2 P-90s and a
  3. How about if I use the term original instead of true?
  4. Correct. Thats what Gibson called that guitar. You would think Gibson would call it something else. But it not a true special. I dont know why Gibson does that. Marketing? IDN Its a pet peeve of mine when the do that. A true special has two p-90s and a bound neck. A true Junior has one P-90.
  5. blues

    Fake SG?

    You can always run the serial number to find out if it a Gibson http://www.guitardaterproject.org/gibson.aspx You cant really tell to much with the pictures you posted.You need better pictures. For that price Im think it may have been repaired. If its a real Angus for $850 I would grab it. Note check for a headstock repair or if the neck was reset. All it takes is for it to fall over backwards.That may be why the asking price is low. If it was a repair and its fixed well It should not be a problem. But I would try and get him down a the price if you could. Here is some info
  6. blues

    SG 62 reissue

    Hi its been a while but I picked up a 1986 62 reissue. Its my #1 now
  7. blues

    SG P-90 help

    I like it alot not only the bridge but the whole guitar. It needs a good set up. Im going to do that when I change the strings. They look like they are fender bullets. I think the are .009s. Im gong to put on some .010s
  8. blues

    SG P-90 help

    The bridge is a wilkenson and is compensated for accurate intonation
  9. blues

    SG P-90 help

    If you click on the thumb nail is gets almost ask big as the monitor.
  10. blues

    SG P-90 help

    Korina wood, Seymour Duncan evh 78 modal pickup wound onto a P-90 base plate. The tone pot is a push pull. In the up position it takes to tone out and the pickup goes direct to the jack.
  11. blues

    SG P-90 help

    I found a great guitar that im happy with. But its not a Gibson. So if its against the rules or in poor taste I wont post a pic. If its ok and anyone has any interest I can post a pic. Its a LP jr. stlye guitar made out of korina wood.
  12. blues

    SG P-90 help

    I posted this on a SG forum also. Hi guys, I need same help with a few questions. In the past ive had a 80s 62 ri sg and a 69 standard. I miss the 62ri and im looking for a SG with P-90s now. I have a Victoria 5112 amp and I like P-90s better than humbuckers through the amp. I like to plug straight into the amp and turn it up all the way and use the volume on the guitar to go from clean to mean. Ive been looking around e-bay and through some forums online like this one to try and get an idea for what kind of SG I want to get. My budget can go as high as $1300. So vintage
  13. Your guitar is closer to 10 pounds that it is to 5 pounds. I think your scale is off. If there is a 5.5 pound Les Paul out there I want it.
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