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  1. I get what your saying... I play every day, but this is the first guitar I ever owned that is perfect AND expensive (I've had a few new guitars, Eastmans, never worried about those). I just can't bring myself to treat the JB like any other... the fact is, it's a very special instrument. Here's the good news... now that the original case is squashed, maybe I'll say frack it and quit babying it. Hope so... I does sound and play unlike any other I've owned.
  2. Before this "Squashed" post, and before going out to take photos, I explained in this post:
  3. Thanks Dan. I already wrote to them asking about a replacement case. The JB is J45 shape with a deep body... I'm hoping it's not a custom case. "Hollow", that about sums it up.
  4. Oh maaaaaan.... things did not go well this morning. Go take a look at my post titled "Squashed - Laugh & Cry" to see photos of this guitar, along with a story that will make you cringe.
  5. So there I was... preparing to sell my flawless Gibson Jackson Browne Model 1, a gorgeous instrument aesthetically and tonally, and with a neck that feels... perfect, just perfect. A nice sunny morning, so outside to get some decent background for photos... I just shot photos of the original and perfect case, and now moving around taking photos of the guitar, when... BANG! The photos tell the story... I guess I should have picked up the case... my wife came driving into our compound not paying too much attention... notice the tread marks... ouch.
  6. I have a near perfect Jackson Browne Model 1 that I am considering selling or trading... checking here to see if there is any interest before posting in For Sale. I have always kept the JB in it's original case, but I find 99% of the time I reach for one of the guitars out on stands... I can't bear the thought of a ding or scratch on this unique beauty, so I very rarely play it. It is a sweet, sweet instrument, one of the best ever made by the Gibson Custom Shoppe, a direct collaboration between Ren Ferguson and Jackson Browne over a period of 5 years and multiple prototypes. I can't real
  7. The fire stripe is beautiful! Better than the original in terms of looks, IMO.
  8. You may want to consider this: http://www.acousticguitarforum.com/forums/showthread.php?t=320341&highlight=kevin+kopp Kevin does Gibson better than Gibson.
  9. Kebob, when I first started playing rhythm combined with singing, I had a very difficult time "getting it". I had to start with strum patterns, and it was spasmotic at first trying to sing and play a rhythm. It has taken a few years of hard work, but I am now able to play good complementary rhythms and even invent my own poly-rhythms with melodic fill over chords. My voice has also greatly improved with daily practice. Not all of us can do it naturally, but I do think we can all do it if we invest the string-time and focus.
  10. I really enjoy Josh's lyrics and his voice. Nothing special in his travis-picking songs, but his gentle touch provides great dynamic texture to anything he plays with a flatpick. And yes, this is what the J-45TV does better than most guitars and perhaps better than any other guitar... wed human-voice and stringed instrument in perfect nuanced balance.
  11. The key to the "heirloom" is the addition of ashes from my mother and father to the finish... we have an interesting family history, Dad is a hero and will be important in our family history... Mom was a saint to put up with Dad and 6 kids. I will also find a great vintage Gibson, the "real deal"... I just played a J-100 yesterday that knocked my socks off for both tone and playability... I may buy it today.
  12. More and more, I find the vintage Gibson tone is the tone for my ears and my voice. I know only a good old Gibson can produce the "real deal" tone, but I will be coming into some money this year and I plan to gift myself with an heirloom custom guitar, to be kept and passed on to the most promising family member when my playing days are done. I will get a large body guitar for melodic rhythm style of play (lots of bass lines and tasteful fills and transitions), very dynamic played with a flatpick and hybrid-style, from soft as a whisper to "need earplugs", deep bass and thick trebles. Fo
  13. I haven't posted on the Gibson forum much (mostly AGF), but I thought someone here might appreciate this. I played a 1964 J-100 today at Lightning Joe's in Arroyo Grande, CA. Excellent vintage tone, perfect setup for easy playability, intonation is spot-on all the way up the neck. Decent condition, normal wear but no finish checking or cracks that I could see, priced at 1250. A very nice players instrument. I have never posted like this on a guitar I played, but this one really got my attention. I would have bought it if I could.
  14. You guys all sound like you know each other, hope you don't mind if a new guy jumps in. I see my own mortality approaching though a long way off yet, and I have had the same thoughts. I love my guitars and want them to have a good home when I am gone. For years, I have been encouraging my nieces and nephews and my good friends kids to start playing and keep playing. A few of them are digging in, and they will get the goodies when my time comes. A little part of me will be remembered each time they play, and maybe they will tell their kids a story or two about me.
  15. Mersey, I am sincerely sorry to hear you lost your Mom... we only get one Mom in this life. My mother died in December, and I still tear up when I think about her. The world was a better place with her in it. Your voice will come back. Think of the good times with your Mom. Did she like it when you played and sang? If so, play for her and sing from your heart... you will find your voice. One song I added to my list just for Mom... "Will the Circle be Unbroken" by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band... sing it down and dirty newgrass-blues style, it will make your heart feel lighter. BD
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