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  1. Songs must be on a drive, so just delete it on a computer after attaching the USB drive. Or use Quickgrid to analyze/prepare your larger amount of music files. Quickgrid is for download under the 'support' tab http://www.stantondj.com/stanton-controllers-systems/scs4dj.html
  2. Just a 12 Volt adapter with 1500 MAh or more (compare the socket to the old)
  3. And Gemini is also on this 'all in one' band wagon: http://djworx.com/namm-2016-geminis-sdj-2000-controller/
  4. I think when Stanton doesn't got an mk 2 in the stores in half a year, they're out of the competition. But.. they didn't buy Deckadance just for fun (we hope).. So take one of those new great cheap CPU boards (Arduno/Rasberry/Pine 64 or CPU's like snapdragon 800 or Intel Atom Z 3580) Put in 2 and a 4 channel case with little higher/sturdy quality knobs, switches and faders et voila!
  5. You can modify the beat position but not where the first beat is.
  6. Hi, You need a cable USB A to B cable like this: My link And the Stanton will act like the knobs and buttons of your DJ software and as a soundcard/ sound output for the DJ program you installed on your Laptop.(check the DJ software program site for SCS drivers) I never tested it but it should.
  7. No it's not sounding worser then your Sony.. probably you are and there's a fast forward button but it's hidden in the manual.. the user manual to be exact. You spent months and joined the forum yesterday? ehhh WELCOME! Here are a lot of friends and posts who will help you
  8. https://goo.gl/photos/98NVCb5PDe6mG3Xm7
  9. The playlists, HDD/USB speed / quality and your Quickgrid question has been answered in your other 4 posts. Reading will maybe help. Your'problems' are at the 'troubleshooting' department more at home then here at the 'general discussion' Maybe you have to check your keyboard: it gives a lot of '!!!!' signs If you keep 'very disappointed' and 'useless' sell your unit to me please. :)
  10. You just joined this forum, you think it's not in the manual, you have new leads (where, what, why, who?) your Pioneer controller recorded better quality (what was better, witch model, how did you record) What Usb memory sticks do you use or SSD? What are their specs? You're free to hold your breath (not to long, I hope) and not read the manual, I just trying to help in a friendly way.
  11. You probebly did something wrong.. maybe the manual will help.
  12. 30 % of mine were broken. When de SCS was totally open (for the fader replacement)I turned the frontpanel (with the knobs in it) upside down en put glue on the back of all the knobs but only on the opposite side of the side were it hits the microswitch on the ''motherboard'' (see the picture in the post above) Then put the motherboard (upside down) on the frontpanel so the knobs are in the right place and glue on the MB. Put the screws back and turn the front with MB back to ''upside up'' and waited a day for the first glue to dry. Next day again remove the screws and turn the MB, now with the knobs on it(see other picture above) and gently apply a second drop of Glue (Bisonkit, a smelly glue witch stays a little flexible so the knobs can bend a litle to hit the microswitch on the MB) And I think it will work, we will see..
  13. You need to take it apart totally, gently, with the most care. Its just a job if you can work with electronics. (if not, find someone who can) And when I had the SCS in parts, I aplied glue on all the knobs on opposite of the microswitch side of the knobs, to solve another flaw in the design. picture: https://goo.gl/photos/j36fXyNMmp8ogFbn7 All the knobs are mouldted in flimsy plastic frames (grouped together to keep them in place on the microswitch) and these frames fall apart when you use the SCS. Picture of the new faders: https://goo.gl/photos/95F6gRgAa8Le9u4G6
  14. I like this one:Tagscanner http://www.xdlab.ru/en/download.htm
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