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  1. Update: Further inspection (by an expert) revealed that the binding was all in tact, the tuners were the originals, the pots were frozen, the bridge had been re-glued, the first 7 frets had been heavily used (flat in places), and the pup cover was most likely original. To save my wallet, I did what retrorod suggested and had him set up the guitar acoustically for now, which includes changing out the tuners, and moving the bridge back to its original location (if it had not been placed accurately before). And also some minor cleaning. Once I stash some funds, I ll have him do the
  2. I'm not new to guitars, just new to old guitars. The oldest guitar I have is 5 years old, and I really do not know the ins and outs of upkeep. That being said, I will be taking the guitar to a guy in my area thats got a pretty good reputation around here for refinishing some nice pieces. I am just mainly worried about getting taken for all I'm worth, simply because I do not know the difference between what "needs" to be done and what "could" be done. I'll definitely need to do some research it sounds like.
  3. Hello All, I am new to this website as I recently inhereted a '49 Model (serial No. in 2000's)ES-150 from a decorated Veteran. I feel that it is in pretty good shape for a guitar this age and having survived a fire. I do not think the owner knew the value of this beauty but am very honored to be the new caretaker. I would like to get it back into playing condition (just around the house), but I'm not really sure where to start. I do not want to do a full on restoration, by the looks of it I don't think it needs one, looks like a 60 year old guitar should look in my opinion. As far as I
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