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  1. Pix of my 93 J100! Thanks 62burst for the tutorial! If you missed the cool story, scroll down to see my NGD post!
  2. Hey, zombywoof. It's a 93, but you're right, it's not a Centennial version. It just has the banner headstock, which I confused with the Centennials. Great great guitar!
  3. Since you guys were in on the search I thought you should be some of the first to hear... I found my j100! It's a '93 Centennial Edition in Tobacco Burst! (I have pix... Can someone tell me how to include them?) We've all heard the used car story that goes something like this: "It was driven on overcast Sundays only (to church of course) by a 90 year old grandmother!" This is the guitar version of that story, except the 90 year old lady never got the car out of the garage! The older fella I bought it from bought it in 1994, put it in the closet and never learned to play! Since 1994 he has taken the guitar out three times, each time taking it down to the guitar shop and having them change the strings, only to return back to the closet, never finding the time to even learn. He even has two grandsons, who he tried to give the guitar to and they weren't interested. So I now have this 1993 unplayed J100! It gets even better than this. His dad bought him a brand new ES225 T in 1958 for $200. You guessed it...it's been in the closet since 1958 never played. I'm not an electric guy, nor did I have the $4,700 he was asking for it! My guess is he would take quite a bit less and it is undoubtedly worth every penny and then some. I will say I had followed the advice of many of you and extended my search to include Hummingbirds as well. I was also determined to only buy what I could put my hands on and play first (I drove almost 4 hours to play this one)... And I must say this one plays like a dream! The downside is that it has not benefited from 25 + years of being played and broken in. The upside is I get to do all the breaking in myself!
  4. Hey, Jinder... You guys are educating me well. I do like those '41 recreations. You have an older hummingbird, too, right? How do you like it?
  5. After talking to a few of the members (thank you!) I've extended the date range in which my j100 could be born! I am looking for a j100 anywhere from 1989 to the early 2000s. I definitely want the burst and am pretty sure I want hog over maple. I strum 90% of the time and it will be my only guitar. I'll lead worship occasionally in a small group with 15ish people singing along and no amplification... So it needs to be loud! I've had a j100 before and I loved it, so that's what I think I'm going with. You know you know a guy!
  6. Are they gonna excommunicate you for lauding the Guild? Ha! It's beautiful! . Don't get me wrong...I don't want a guitar in cruddy condition. I know what I'm looking for is hard-ish to find but I've seen a ton that I passed on in the past, so I know they're out there. Like I said, early 3000s will work too.
  7. I've just always enjoyed the guitars I've had that were 15ish years old or older. I like the broken in sound and look. I buy most of my clothes from a thrift store so it might be a personality defect!
  8. I would consider an early 2000s but prefer 89s or 90s. I do want a burst. Fuller is no longer a Gibby dealer, but they have a couple used. No Super Jumbos though.
  9. That's perfect! I'm in Texas, too!
  10. Second time I've duplicated a post. I don't know how I did it and don't know how to delete one.
  11. I'm looking for an older (at least 10 years old, but preferably 80s/90s) without cracks. I would greatly prefer a burst finish. Thanks!
  12. This may sound silly, but I've always wanted a 'bird, but I have always hated neck binding on a guitar. Is there are year or model Hummingbird (not studio or pro) that does not have the neck binding?
  13. Would the neck on a 93 j45 be thicker than a new one? It's a standard model.
  14. Ha! I live a few blocks from Fullers! Love it. Wish they had more used J45s. They have some seriously great guitars. I'm actually going in tomorrow to play everything they have!
  15. After all of my reading I am going to play it cool with regard to my J45 purchase. Gonna hang on to my money until one GRABS me. Cooled on the Paisley even tho I love the cherry burst. I didn't like the way it sounded and I certainly didn't want to spend that much. Thought I had landed on the TV because I have a D18 style dread with adi and I love it. BUT I had a great J45 standard that was the shiz. Unless I come across the deal of the century I'm gonna keep my cash handy and try and find one that grabs me in person. The problem...who knew it would be so hard to find a used J45 in Houston...the 4th largest city in the country. O well. Here's to the hunt, and hoping it won't take long.
  16. Ya know I've always loved the cherry sunburst SO much. So much that I wanted it to sound better but truth be told the two I played were underwhelming. The only reason I was about to go for it was I found a killer deal. I think I'm going to save my pennies for a good TV...unless I come across the most amazing standard. Keep your eyes out for me boys!
  17. How is the nut width an issue? I'm assuming these are fingerpicker issues, not so much for strumming...
  18. I think I have narrowed my decision to a TV or Paisley. I really like Adi and I have played both of these. I supposed if I found a KILLER standard I would go for it but here is my question... Would you guys consider the Paisley J45 a legit Gibson J45 or just a novelty? And I like both the TV and the Paisley... Do you guys have any reason why I should chose one over the other? Thanks in advance.
  19. I've played the Paisley and it sounded/felt great. I've played them all... Leaning toward the 1994 J45 Western, mostly because of the price/mojo combination... Of course I know the Paisley will be worth something for years to come...or so I think. The Rosewood is probably my favorite sounding unplugged but I know Rosewood plugged in live can be a bear in terms of feedback. Hmmm... I think I just talked in a circle. Yep...pretty sure I did! That's the problem when most J45s are just killer!
  20. ...or keep saving for the Paisley.
  21. Biggest guitar regret...selling my J45 HCS a few years back. Time for a new one. My dream guitar is the Brad Paisley...but it's pretty far out of my range. I play mostly with a band. I like guitars that are a little older because I like character especially for a writing guitar but sometimes they are not structurally sound enough for play with a band. So... Newer standard or newer rosewood or the 1994 Western that I have the opportunity to buy. Go!
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