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  1. Hello All This is a bit of a rubbish question but I can't find the answer on the Gibson product page or this forum so I'll get over my embarrassment and ask it. Can anyone confirm what gauge strings are fitted to the 2013 Les Paul Studio when they leave the factory? I was sure I'd read (before purchase) that they were 9s but I can't find where I read it now. The supplying dealer said they were 10s. I'm really slow at restringing and don't wanna have to it twice in a day if I can avoid it. Regards
  2. I get this now and then on my 2013 LP Studio. I had put it down to light strings, a very clean and new (ie slippery) fret board and me being a bit rubbish but, from the numbers on the forum, it looks like it could be the guitar. Like others on the board I've never found it with my previous instruments. Regards
  3. Hello The MinETune held up my purchase for several months while I waited (amongst many things)to actually get my hands on one....then within minutes of trying it I bought a guitar without one anyway ha! Consider the space inside the machine heads, how amazingly strong those tiny little gear wheels are and how much force is applied to each one during tuning by the 6ft lever that is your average guitarist . Then imagine that you've removed 50% of the gear wheels mass (and so its strength maybe?) and replaced the 6ft of muscle with a pretty week little motor. Then add some extra tensile/lateral forces on the machine head/motor combo by switching from say 10s to 11s. Alternatively, look at the increase in force YOU have to apply to get a full step pitch bend using 11s when you've played 9s for years. My guess is that they reckon heavy gauge strings would just put too much strain on the mechanics and I'd wager they're probably right. Regards
  4. Can anyone here offer a link on how to properly use the four knobs and the coil split option? Freddie I thought the wine red looked awful with the cream bits on in every picture I'd seen and was cursing that I couldn't get one off the shelf with black plastics, gold hardware and MinETune. Anyway it turns out I'm just completely two faced coz I picked up mine up this afternoon. Wine Red, no gold, no tuner just pure volume and £150 cheaper than last month haha! As others have stated just mess with the taps till you find a place you like and make notes! Make sure you're in a time and place where you can crank it up though. I didn't get to play till after 2100hrs tonight and everything had to be turned so low that the tonal changes were barely audible. Hope you enjoy the new investment! Stix
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