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  1. Hello! Brand new to this forum, but I have played Gibson solid body guitars for a few decades. I recently scored a 1960 Epiphone Wilshire from the first owner. Great guitar!! Rock solid and exactly what I imagined it to be...! From Gibson's "golden era" of manufacturing, this guitar was made side by side with Les Paul Standard "Bursts" and Les Paul Customs, and shares some features and parts...! All four pots are date coded "134 6027" and it has Black Beauty Sprague capacitors. Screaming P90 pickups, just a perfect '59 profile neck. The guitar is 100% factory original stock, except of course, strings. Also,it is feather light, on my bathroom scale it barely is 6lbs, reading 5 3/4 lbs., though it is still a well balanced guitar....! So, first here are some pictures, followed by a couple questions... So, the questions... I have the original chipboard case, but wish I had the optional hard case these came with (grey/green with blue plush interior). So, in the offhand chance, does anyone have an original Epiphone case they would want to part with?? I had gotten an SG chainsaw case, thinking this would be the perfect case, but it didn't fit...the upper bout of the body was too wide (11") can anyone recommend a case that would fit? Last question... I have seen Gibson/Epiphone is reissuing the Crestwood with the right hard case reissued, but unfortunately won't sell me just the case... Does anyone have a Crestwood RI case they would consider selling? Otherwise, super happy with this amazing piece of wood!! I feel very fortunate to have scored this "Time Capsule" of a guitar...!!!
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