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  1. Thanks for the reply Bernd! I expected the offered price to be on the high side, it's fairly obvious that a seller would try his/her luck to see how much they can get for it. Any sensible buyer would start low and see when an agreement would fall into place. Also thanks for sending me that link, I'm looking at that site as I write this and will post a similar topic on there just to get a few oppinons and some good buying tips on what to look out for. Thanks again Bernd, the help is greatly appreciated! Steve
  2. Hello, First post on the forum! I'm wondering if anyone could shed some light on the value of this Steinberger XL-2? The guy offering me this one says it is in mint condition and therefore want's £2000 for it. I thought I'd better pass it by this forum full of clued up Steinberger owners before making such a commitment. I have attached photo's, I think it is in very good condition for 1985. Let me know what you think ASAP, as I will be planning on travelling to see it this weekend hopefully. Also, tips on what common things to check for before making an offer would be appreciated! Kind regards Steve
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