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  1. Speaking of smells, I was driving on I-90 East out of Seattle this morning, around North Bend, when the air suddenly took on a sweetish sick aroma that I would have liked to have gagged at ... Turns out some lady had just hit some kind of animal. looked like a horse, that was still lying on the hiway, with blood running in rivulets down the hill. Smell went away as soon as I got east of it.
  2. I prefer Boulevard Brewery of Kansas City's products, particularly their pale ale. Goes good with Arthur Bryants or Gates.
  3. I'm kind of partial to Pilsner Urquell but I will have to give London Pride a try.
  4. I'm an orange Tortex man myself. One thing I've noticed on my J45 is that I get a terrible "click" on the B-String using the Tortes. It doesnt seem to be there (or as bad) with other guages of picks. On all my other guitars, though, it works just fine.
  5. In case anybody doesnt know by now, The Waybacks' Hillside Album Hour at Merlefest this year was a cover of Abbey Road. I wasnt there, drat it all. But I hear that Elvis Costello was.
  6. If you have to ask, the answer is yes, for guitars anyway. Might be different for other stuff, but guitars are guitars.
  7. If you're in the Denver area, plan on spending an afternoon at Wildwood guitars in Louisville. Tons of great guitars that they let you noodle with all afternoon if you want to and I walked out with a very sweet J45 TV.
  8. Go to http://gruhn.com Click on Inventory on the left hand side. Pick Miscellaneous Flatops and scroll about half way down. There it is, a 1971 Mossman Golden Era. I wanted one of those real bad back in the day, but never got one. Wish I had the $6000 George is asking for ...
  9. Yeah, dont mess up a good/promising friendship with that boyfriend/girlfriend stuff.
  10. I use mediums on mine, after all it is the Old Workhorse. I take that to mean I dont have to use lights and fingerpick Josh Groban tunes.
  11. The Times They Are A Changing Music From Mudacres Greatest Hits - Jim Kweskin Jug Band American Beauty Old And In The Way and a whole lot more ...
  12. My brothers and I toured the Memphis factory a few years ago and I enjoyed it a lot. I took the rest of the week off and I want to go somewhere ... what could be finer than Bozeman in late winter? I'll listen to Ian Tyson on the way.
  13. Does the Bozeman factory do tours? Where can I go for infor? I tried doing a search and didnt come up with anything too helpful. Thanks.
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