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  1. Let us NOT forget Neil Young !
  2. Thanks and happy 4th , plus stay cool in this heat!
  3. 😐I am contemplating about getting the new Fender Tonemaster Deluxe reverb Amp. Has anyone played it and/or has any opinion?
  4. Mele Kalikimaka to you too from -30 Celcius ! Wish I was there! "Stepping Out" is still one of my favourites (perhaps because I can play it)
  5. I wonder if any of you have experience with ordering from RC PICKUPS ?
  6. dc3c46


    Good P-90 sound with versatility ? I think of putting Seymour Duncan P-Rails in my SG. Has anyone experience with these pickups?
  7. Hi guys ! My Inspired by John Lennon Casino seems to sound quite a bit muddy, I miss clarity and brigthness. Can it be the pots or pickups ?
  8. Hi guys ! Can anybody tell me what caps and pots are in the sheraton 2 pro?
  9. Yes, it is a great guitar, especially for the money. Craftsmanship and quality is excellent. I do have a natural one.After removing the ugly pickguard, changing pickups to Bareknuckle Stormy Mondays and adding a Bigsby, it is a joy to play. Fits right in with my Gibsons and Gretsches.
  10. Happy 4th to all of you from Canada!
  11. dc3c46


    Is there a chance that Gibson will bring out the ES137 and 137Custom again? I missed to buy one when they were available.
  12. I've got one - the best dog I ever had !
  13. Do not forget the NIMMO BROTHERS ! If you don't know them : check it out, you'll be surprised !
  14. Did you see any Byrdlands ?
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