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  1. Hi guys ! Can anybody tell me what caps and pots are in the sheraton 2 pro?
  2. Yes, it is a great guitar, especially for the money. Craftsmanship and quality is excellent. I do have a natural one.After removing the ugly pickguard, changing pickups to Bareknuckle Stormy Mondays and adding a Bigsby, it is a joy to play. Fits right in with my Gibsons and Gretsches.
  3. Happy 4th to all of you from Canada!
  4. dc3c46


    Is there a chance that Gibson will bring out the ES137 and 137Custom again? I missed to buy one when they were available.
  5. I've got one - the best dog I ever had !
  6. So, who is the pretty lady singing ?
  7. Do not forget the NIMMO BROTHERS ! If you don't know them : check it out, you'll be surprised !
  8. Did you see any Byrdlands ?
  9. dc3c46


    Thanks a million ! That's the one . Ordered it right away. I'm planning to put a B7 on the Sheraton 2 pro and it shall look cool with it.
  10. Hi Guys ! Can somebody please tell me where to get the "CUSTOM MADE" sticker ?
  11. Hi guys ! It would be great, if someone could answer the following questions : a) what are the values of the pots and the caps ? B) do the PUs have short or long legs ? Thanx in advance !
  12. My cousin lives in Redding, she evacuated and is in Chico now. She'll be going south tomorrow to stay with her sister.
  13. How can they make the LP Jr. DC with such an ugly pickguard ?!
  14. dc3c46

    july 4

    Happy 4th to all of you down there! Greetings from the true north ! Rock On dudes !
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