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  1. One more thing, it's an SG. At least my SG's, neither the stop bar Special or the Maestro equipped Tweedy, hold tune as perfectly as my most of my other guitars do. Still good enough.
  2. The Maestro arm of my Jeff Tweedy SG points quite a lot outwards from the guitar body but it works beautyfully and returns to pitch as lond as I won't abuse it. I like it a lot more than Bigsby B5. Actually I like it so much ordered a short maestro to my SG Spcieal too. There's no mechanics so it must be either the bridge not rocking enough or the nut?
  3. Thanks for encouragement. Answering my own question. Got a Gibson Jeff Tweedy SG with maestro. Stays in tune like any SG with 9's tuned Eb (which means ok but not perfect). The quitar is simply great, both looks and sound. And Maestro is so much better in than the Bigsby B5 in my Tele.
  4. The SG special is faded no more and modded to the extent it won't be sold. I've replaced the muddy stock (490T/R) pickups with JB/Jazz combo which was an improvement. The middle position is nice. Then the standards went up. I recently got a Jeff Tweedy SG that has Maestro and Burstbucker 1 pickups. I tried it for the looks but bought it for the SOUND!!! Now, compared to the Tweedy SG, the SG special (with JB/Jazz) sounds a bit dull, soft, boringand predictable. It's such a player but it needs some pickups to make it inspiring to play (and cut through in the band mix which it never did as well as I wished). What I'm after is crisp vintage rock sounds, as far as possible from hair metal or hard rock compressed distortion, rather like lively sounds with character of their own. I play a Tele in the band because it fits best in the mix, but wouldn't mind getting an SG back there too. I've been thinking about making it a real p-90 guitar, but don't want the hassle right now. P-94 might be an option? What about Pearly Gates pickups? If humbuckers, I'd like to have them 4-wire and zebra coloured. Any ideas?
  5. The new case smells like vanilla, it's sweet and it would be nice it there weren't way too much of it. I won't be keeping the guitar in the case but i'd like to keep the case in the house readily available for the frequent use. With that smell it's impossible, I don't want a "Wunderbaum odorizer" for my house. So what should I do with the case? A week outdoors? Oxidation treatment? Sun? Trade it to and old case with someone? Suggestions?
  6. I'v been thinking about a Maestro equipped guitar and I'm aware of the limitations of the tremolo. How is it with light strings, say 9 - 42 and even standard Eb tuning? Does the Maestro require more string tension to work reliably. I'm not afraid to add a roller bridge if that's the solution.

    70s tribute tone

    I have the parallel switching option which I use in the neck when playing open chords and subtle stuff. Also the neck pickup is screwed all the way down to the scratchplate to make it even more articulate. The sound is really, really good, but at the same time, the difference to a Jag or Tele is still huge when played in a band mix with a Les Paul as the other guitar. The layers of trebles a la Fender are so much weaker in an SG, they just don't cut through. I'd definitely try a p-90 but I doubt it will be enough in an all mahogany guitar? That's why the intrest towards a maple-neck SG.
  8. My SG with JB/JAZZ sounds great but doesn't work as a rhythm guitar with the Les Paul the other guy is playing. Currently I play a custom Jaguar which sounds good in the band mix, but I'd really like to play an SG for the ultimate feel it has. Does the maple neck 70s tribute sound crisp&jangly enough to really step out of the gibson sound world as that's what I need. You know, wound strings that sound almost like an acoustic etc., more Fender, less Gibson? I had a maple neck/mahogany body tele before and even with the mahogany, it was all the way a Fender without a hint of the dark Gibson sound. In the other hand my maple/ash Jag has a TOM bridge and a humbucker but it's still a Fender sounding guitar too. I was even thinking of getting the 70s tribute and replacing the pickups with P-90 sized singlecoils http://www.at-the-creamery.co.uk/sonic-six-p90-pickup/detail/1-handwound-p90-pickups/ilvm_fly_showroom_mall/120-sonic-six-p90-pickup.html?sef=hcfp with hopes of the maple neck making the singles sing like they do in a Fender?
  9. In the current band the other guitar is a Les Paul so with a humbucking SG we sound too full and muddy together. I've been thinking about p-90's but the phat cats or p-94's looks just don't do it. So I might do a bit of routing to make my SG faded a real p90 guitar. It's heavily modded (neck reshaped, lacquered etc.) already and very much loved so I won't sell it nor I want to buy more guitars. So do the screws & bridge holes of a Classic pickguard fit to a SG Special Faded?
  10. I really like the 70's SG raw style with no binding and square blocks on the neck. The blocks, pickups and harmonica bridge fit so well in line. I guess it was never offered together with a large pickguard? How would you like a one?
  11. I made a quick and dirty trial with a 490T in the bridge of the Epi. The high pitched feedback was greatly reduced, but it's still more prone to feedback than the Gibson SG. I'm not sure, but it feels like the sound was meatier and had more hollowbody character with the Epi pup.
  12. My Laney VC15 with gain and volume @ 10 was enough, no pedals needed. Of course there's plenty of gain there. With the drummer and and another guitarist having the amps dials at 6 was enough to cause uncontrolled gain even with strings muted.
  13. At the band volumes the Sheraton has an annoying habit to feed back even with the strings muted. When I crank my 15 watt tube amp the pedalboard hiss is enough to start the feedback, my palm resting on the strings. Same settings, no problem with my SG. Any suggestiond for fixing this? I was thinking about swapping the pickups with the Gibson 490R and 490T I have left from my SG when I put Jazz/JB set in it (huge improvement). Especially the neck was a bit muddy in the SG but swithced parallel they were nice (4 conductors installed). What do you think about those in a Sheraton?
  14. Do you know any aftermarket gold TOM bridges with narrow (epiphone) 71 mm post width but wide (gibson) 52 mm string spacing? I might want to modify the Korean (samick) '96 Sheraton so that it feels the same as my Gibson SG.
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