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  1. My New Epiphone Les Paul Tribute came in yesterday afternoon. So far, I'm loving it! Here is a picture when the case was opened for the first time. Cheers! D.
  2. Some months ago, I began my search for a guitar to complement my 2013 SG. I am close to selecting a Les Paul model. I see that the 2014 studio Pro model has one 57 classic and one Burstbucker Pro, while the 2014 studio has 490 R and 490 T pickups. My question is: Since My 2013 SG Standard has 2 57 classics, will the 57 classic pickup sound different on the LP or will the 490s provide me with a more of a different sound. Both models have the push pull coil taps, I believe, making the guitars interesting as well. Many thanks for your help! Cheers! D.
  3. Hi! I've owned one since May and I really love it! When I tried it I mmediately bonded with the guitar, bought it and have been enjoying it ever since. Its one mean rock'n machine! I play AC/DC and Cream among my classic rock favorites. Even play some motown riffs with it. I don't have pedals, but I get great sounds with the amp and volume and tone knobs. In other words, its a very versatile guitar. Again, I love mine. I'm an amateur player that plays for the sheer joy. Hope this helps you a little bit. Cheers! D.
  4. I can say that I love mine! Its one great rockin guitar! Cheers! D.
  5. I certainly will not. Actually, I have to confess that I also own a PRS SE Santana (that's our secret OK? LOL . Its a great guitar! I omitted to mention this in my original posting because I'm looking to complement my SG. I have an attraction to the Custom 24 and to the Studio. The price is quite high but perhaps a a Custom 24 along the SE line will work. PRS guitars are works of art as well... All of that said i've received some sound advice and interesting advice. I am keeping my mind open and I'll see where this all takes me. I have no time frame but I'm having loads of fun trying all kinds of different things. Cheers! D.
  6. Hi, Not sure about a flying V, though my son really likes it... That said, the Firebird would be an attractive place to explore. Cheers! D.
  7. LOL!!! I saw a few come and go too before I finally settled down.
  8. Thanks for taking the time to write and generously providing your insight. It was very interesting to read. I can tell you that I am having a great time with this and that I will take the time it takes to find the right one... Take care! D.
  9. Very interesting! I came close to buying a Mustang last year and just could not pull the trigger... Can't explain it rationally...Chemistry I suppose. The 339 is quite attractive indeed and is on my must try list. Thanks for taking the time it was most helpful! Cheers! D.
  10. Thanks! I'll certainly try a few! D.
  11. Its interesting that you mention bonding with the guitar as that's exactly what happened with my SG. I have tried semi-hollows and Fender types. Some days, I want to go in one direction, and the next in a completely different direction. I will know when I bond with the guitar. You're right, its all part of the fun and I'm having a blast! Thanks and I'll keep you posted. Ciao for now, D.
  12. Hi to all! I own a Gibson SG standard model, which I really enjoy playing. I'm itching for another guitar to complement my SG (a great, great, rock guitar). I'm taking my time trying a variety of models for sound and feel, but I was curious to gather some opinions from you experts out there :) based on your experiences. I play classic rock ranging from Beatles, Stones to AC/DC to even a Scorpions song or two. I also play some blues and some motown. I am an amateur player who plays for the sheer joy of playing guitar, so I'm by no means a pro by any stretch of the imagination. Any input will be appreciated. Looking forward to reading your opinions. Cheers! D.
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