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  1. as I understand it, coil tapping (or coil splitting) involves actually shutting off one of the two coils, so only 1 coil is audible. It is a true single coil sound, and it has the normal single coil hum. Whereas in series/parallel switching, both coils are always on and audible. Series is the normal setting for a humbucker. The signal of one coil passes to the next one, making a fat sound. In parallel, both coils fire at the same time but do not pass from coil to the other. It produces a more single coil type of sound (while still humbucking).
  2. sorry to hear that. Glad Epiphone is making it right.
  3. wait a minute. You have push/pull coil splitting on those, right? I switched the knobs on my ES-335 that has coil splitting and the same thing happened, when I was pulling the knob off the long shaft came out of one of them and I ended up with the knob and shaft in my hand. At least one other person had this same problem on one of these message boards. You may be able to fix this. The other guy and I did the same thing: pulled the knob off the shaft and pushed the shaft back into the pot until you hear it click all the way in. After that you can attach the new knob in the seated shaft. In my case (and the other guy's as well), the volume pot was undamaged and the push/pull feature continued to work fine. You may want to give that a shot before replacing the whole pot.
  4. Neck volume is closest to the ceiling, the top one. The bridge volume is closest to the floor, the bottom one.
  5. if you have your pick selector in the middle position, with the volumes about equal, the hum should cancel.
  6. I hear you. But on my casino the buzzing from the wire was noticeable when unplugged, but not when played through the amp, just as you mentioned. just giving you a heads up.
  7. The buzzing you hear may be caused by the wire in the bridge itself (and has nothing to do with bridge height). This is a very common issue with casinos. A very common upgrade is to get a new Gotoh wireless bridge from http://www.stewmac.com/ They are a direct drop in replacement.
  8. 1. I am not sure what you mean. In the middle position, the volume knobs on my ES-335 Pro (and every other 3 switch guitar I have) affect only the specific pick up. The top knob changes only the neck pick up volume, and the bottom knob only changes the bridge. Each knob does NOT affect both pick ups. This way you can blend and turn up or down on pick up or the other to get the amount of volume from each that you want while you are in the middle position. That's the beauty of the middle position. That being said, if you turn either of the knobs to zero it will kill the volume for the guitar entirely. You have to have both pick ups at least turned up a little bit to get any sound. Each volume acts as a kill switch in the middle position. And it does not have '50s wiring, as I understand it. '50s wiring has to do with how the tone pots are wired to the volume. It doesn't affect how the volume knobs work in relation to each other in the middle position. You can read about it here: http://www.seymourduncan.com/blog/tips-and-tricks/lespaulwiring/ http://www.seymourduncan.com/tonefiend/pickups/vintage-les-paul-wiring-bs-or-bfd/ 3. 10-46 comes standard on the ES-335 Pro (and most other Epi electrics)
  9. Mine is a natural finish as well. You are gonna love it. The wood grain is amazing. So amazing I had to take the pickguard off. Don't want to hide any of it.
  10. The factory is in China, so perhaps there is another run that will be completed and then shipped to the US. It takes them a while to get over here.
  11. I wouldn't wait too long. I believe they started making them in 2012. They are getting harder and harder to find and, according to Epiphone's website, they are no longer in production: http://www.epiphone.com/Products/Out-of-Production.aspx Grab one while you can. I got mine in June and absolutely love it.
  12. yes, the Epiphone ES-335 Pro headstock is the same as the Dot. The entire body dimensions are the same. The primary differences are block inlays, bound neck, coil taps, and different tuners. The 335-Pro is actually called the Dot ES-335 Pro, according to the sticker inside the F-hole. You can find the Epiphone cases for less than a $100 on ebay. They fit all the Dot/335/casino, etc. body types.
  13. "rosso corsa" means "racing red" as in the color of red Italian race cars.
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