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  1. I've been "out of the game" for about 30 years now. But I think that QUALIFIES me to answer your question........ I played extensively and exclusively through several different Marshall tube heads with 2 4x12 cabinets' date=' and used 4 cabinets at times in the larger venues. Now that I am getting back to playing, I have been testing some of the smaller amps and also the newer technology that is available. Before I go further, let me say that I am amazed at the sounds that can come out of these newer itty-bitty amps (not to mention the volume). I just purchased a Peavey 15W model, and
  2. Nope. But the neck/fingerboard transition is extremely smooth and well done. The more I look at this thing, the more I like the quality. Like I said.....I haven't finished getting it "playable" yet, but after a few initial adjustments it looks like the action is going to get to an acceptable point without too much neck adjustment.
  3. Actually....I took it from his hands at the front door. But who KNOWS how it was handled before that. It was packed very well' date=' though. Jeesh....that's an understatement. All I think they do is drink coffee and shoot the crap. Here are a few photos....... And one of it's "Big Brother" that I've owned for several years now. Everything under the pickguard has been replaced with Gibson electronics. Like some others, I STUPIDLY sold the original EDS1275 GIBSON that I gigged with for many years. Live and learn, I suppose.
  4. FedEx just dropped my new RED Wilshire at the front door.....that's right.....it's RED. Initial observations are: The factory set-up is terrible. Action is WAY high. Finish is great and flawless. Strings will have to be immediately replaced (do they use real strings on these things?). Overall, it seems like it's well worth the funds. And the "Limited Edition Custom Shop" decal on the headstock is a nice touch. Neck is slick and the frets are better than I expected. The Grover heads are a nice touch, also. Only bad thing is that they left off the retaining nut on the jack. D
  5. Not taking away from Cream' date=' because they were definitely a driving force with huge talent and molded many musicians to adopt their style (myself included) But did you happen to see the [b']Grand Funk RR[/b] reunion tour or any vids of their performances? IMO, they did a WAY better "comeback" than Cream.
  6. OK guys...I'm an old codger. Back in "the day" if it wasn't a Marshall, it wouldn't get the job done. Nothing else would give the volume and crunch that Marshall provided. After all this time being away from the business, I'm trying to decide if I REALLY need a Marshall again. I'm not going to be doing what would be considered hard rock, but more like Contemporary Christian and Blues, with maybe some Southern Rock thrown in at times. No big auditoriums or other places forseen, more like churches and meeting halls probably. I want the versatility that I used to have with my old Marshal
  7. Sorry for your mishap....but glad it wasn't worse. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. We all need a "wake-up call" sometimes.
  8. I have a recent vid of Cream, and Ginger actually looks BETTER than he used to. Like you said though....he's always looked a little "rough around the edges" to me.
  9. FWIW...I saw Cream twice, and I never saw EC perform Sunshine with anything except the 335....but he obviously used several different guitars when on tour. Here's an older vid with the SG: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IowYHpWSNN8 If you look at the 1:38 mark in the vid, it's obvious that the selector switch is in the down position. And one with the 335: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypcP-vkKU6o I guess you can take your pick.
  10. I did some tracks in 1971 with Atlanta Rhythm Section at Studio One in Doraville for their 1st album, and did some studio work with Skynyrd on the "Pronounced" album in 1972. Nothing to get excited about...but it was a ton of FUN at the time. ARS was just getting started (they were actually the studio band at the time) and the album was basically pretty bland as far as ARS stuff goes. I didn't make any money to speak of, but we had a lot of fun for several weeks.
  11. Thanks for the link Kevin. I've read reviews in sales sites, but don't put too much stock in them. I've known them to be...well..."manufactured" by the site in some cases. It's far better to see unbiased reviews on a site like this one. Thanks again for the help.
  12. New member here. I'm going to get back into playing after a 30-year absence (I'm 54). I made my early living playing locally with a 335 and a '58 LP, (but sold them when I lost interest ) and did some studio work for 2 well-known bands of the era, but I've undoubtedly forgotten way more than I still know. ;) I'm pondering the new Wilshire and wondered if anyone owns one of them. and what their experiences and thoughts are? A Les Paul and a 335 are coming "down the road" if I find that I still love it as much as I used to. My primary focus this time around is probably going to be C
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