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  1. Thanks for the clarification, saved me removing the lot and re-wiring. I was aware of the coil tapping, it's one of the reasons I bought the guitar, the single coil "sound", clarity, without the "janngle" of a Strat. From the info you've given me, I think at some time in the future I may re-wire it anyhow, with CTS pots and ye old cloth wire, I'll see how exactly the 2 volume pots intereact and try to workout how to make them a more progressive taper, if they are now in parallel that would explain also why there's definite treble bleed with the switch in the middle. BTW what does LPDC stand for? Obviously it's not a "cup of tea".
  2. Hoping someone can help solve a problem. The toggle switch on my 335 was intermittent in the middle position, seemed to be fine otherwise. So, I got myself a replacement switch, on the original reading left to right with the hot wires at the top, it was; White - White - Red With all the screens connected together and soldered to the switch "leg" directly below. I marked the middle white wire with a blue marker. It's now working OK to switch neck to bridge, but the middle position is strange, I'll try to make this as clear as I can. Switch in the middle position; Both volume 0 - no sound - OK Neck volume 10 - bridge 0 - no sound - ?? Neck 10 - bridge anything above 0 and the neck volume pot works as it should. Bridge 10 - neck 0 - no sound Bridge 10 neck anything above 0 and the bridge pot works as it should. In the above scenario the pots don't seem to be as progressive as they should, they're limited almostbut not quite like switches all or nothing. Can anyone suggest what the problem may be, before I pull all the wiring out and start from scratch?
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