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  1. Thanks for the reply LPS1976 but the Viola bass is a short scale bass (30.5" scale length), I did buy the correct strings as I have used them on my Ibanez 2354B (30") bass. The real problem is the trapeze fitting is a "small" trapeze and so far away from the bridge that some of the string length is "wasted". My opinion on using 34" strings is no the string tensions would be all wrong on a short scale bass. I will modify the trapeze extending the arms moving the string retainer 2.5cm closer to the bridge then all will work as it should. In truth I think Epiphone should look into this as all thats needed is a longer trapeze. I do like Epiphone instruments and own a few. EB0 EB3 EMB5 Viola Strat all Epi.
  2. HI just fitted D'Addario nylon flatwound short scale strings to my Viola bass, delighted with the sound but fitting required me to remove 2.5cm of the cotton wrapping at the nut end in order to fit the strings. This was not ideal as it exposes the nylon wrapping around the strings. The problem is the trapeze that holds the strings is too far back from the bridge meaning more of the string length is "lost" between the bridge and the trapeze. I've been looking for a new trapeze with side arms 2.5cm longer than the Epiphone one, anyone else had this problem? and how did you go about fixing it? By the way the nylon tapewound strings cant be bettered they are great on this bass.
  3. Good find, because of the age I recommend replacing all the electrolytic capacitors in the pre amp, there are only 12 and it took me less than one hour and cost under £1 around $1.4 Remove the back cover and carefully examine all the electrolytic's look for any "weeping" (tiny traces of liquid) if you see any change the capacitors as soon as you can. If you find the pickup balance or hear a hissing which decays a few seconds after plugging it in thats a fairly sure sign they need replacing. I did mine and the results are amazing for such a simple quick fix.
  4. Hi to all, I'm 66 years old but regressing to my teenage years. Last week I bought an Epiphone Thunderbird PRO IV bass and a 1993 Epiphone EM1 Rebel next week? who knows.

  5. Well I found this which seems to cover the EM1 nicely. Note covers other Gibson and Epiphone models as well. M3schematic.PDF
  6. The Epiphone Thunderbird Pro IV has active pickups, turn your bass over and if you see a battery compartment the you have the ProIV version.
  7. I just picked up an Epiphone EM1-VS which I believe to be the Epiphone version of the Rebel, the serial number shows it was made by SAMIK in Korea in 1993. I like this guitar as it's a bit quirky with the upside down tuners and that great toggle switch which gives the pickups a lot of different sounds. Taking the cover off the controls I was staggered to see what looks like a ferrite core wound coil mounted on top of the tone control, no wonder it has a wide range of sounds. Has any member got a wiring diagram for this guitar? if not I'll trace it out and post for any member who's interested.
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