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  1. Hello all! I have a question concerning studio lites. Were all guitars made in the early 90s like 92 - 93 studio lites? I am looking at a guitar with chrome hardware that has gold pickup covers and hardware. It is a sunburst like finish. I did not think the lites came with covers on pickups but the owner says the pickups are original. Could this be a regular studio with the gold hardware? Or is there no such thing? Thanks!
  2. Well guys, the problem is that gibson won't look at this topic unroll it has a lot of replies. We need to get more Clark fans to post so that we can create a thread that Gibson will actually look at.
  3. I feel pretty much the same way. Slash was huge because of Appetite and nothing else was really big for him at least as big as AFD. He should have got an AFD signature but thats really it. Dont get me wrong i am a big slash fan but Steve is cooler in my opinion. I could sit and watch IN THE ROUND IIN YOUR FACE for hours because the way Steve moves around and his solos are so filled with soul! Oh man lol R.I.P. Steve Clark
  4. So very true! I would take a white/cream over ebony!
  5. He must have loves them. And he is so underrated. Why wouldn't Gibson create one? Def leppard was HUGE and Steve was a big reason for this because he wrote most of their songs. I have been talked to guitar center about it and asking them to buy some of they were made. Gibson just needs to know they will make money and I think they will!
  6. Oh yes! i love steve and all his playing. You guys think we will actually be able to convince Gibson to do a limited run?
  7. I would like help trying to get Gibson to do a sig model of Steve Clark from Def Leppard. He almost always played Gibson and i have heard he was very close to them. Even a special edition limited run would be cool. Personally, i think it shows a sign of respect. I understand that Gibson guitars is a business but still, Clark wrote excellent riffs for def lep and many people know this. Myself included. Most people who like def leppard like the stuff up and through the end of hysteria...BEFORE Steve died. He was a great riff writer and player. I really would love to get a sig model out there and i think Gibson would make some money. After all, a three pick up les paul custom with a kahler is just an awesome guitar!
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