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  1. Does a standard Epi hardshell case fit to a 7-string Korina Flying V Epiphone? TIA!
  2. I'm so looking forward to purchase an Annihilator signature Flying V! I've seen Jeff Waters touring around, promoting his signature Epis in clinics and such... but when is Epiphone going to announce it officially? I think it's about time!
  3. I've heard about how the sound waves should travel through the fretboard and such, but I won't go that far in my quest for tone.
  4. I wonder... is there any Epiphone Gothic Flying V with a TOM stoptail? I know they are normally string-through-body (some Floyd'ed too), but once I saw a picture of an Epi Goth Flying V with a LesPaul-like stoptail. Do they actually exist? If they do, I would like to see pictures, please.
  5. Any news about the Epiphone Jeff Waters signature Flying V? I know several prototypes were built. This is one of them: I would love to see this black model for sale, as I guess that's the first signature model I would dare to buy.
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