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  1. Congrats, man. That looks like a great guitar!
  2. A couple of great young ambassadors for Preston Thompson guitars
  3. Truefire is the best I've found for online instruction. There is a ton of content on just about every genre, beginner through advanced. Instructors are top notch. Welcome to the forum.
  4. Bozz

    Fret Question

    Thanks for all the responses to my question about the 2011 LP fret size. Yes, the issue is definitely caused from applying too much pressure between frets. I'm an older guy (mid 60's) with some stiffness and flexibility issues in my hands and fingers. I've had four surgical procedures on my hands and I'm thinking that dropping down to Medium Jumbo frets with a height of .036" might help me out.
  5. Bozz

    Fret Question

    Thanks. Medium Jumbos might work better for me.
  6. Bozz

    Fret Question

    Does anyone know what size frets were used on a 2011 (08) Les Paul Standard? I had one until recently and I tended to pull notes sharp while fretting in certain situations. Would like to know what size frets were used as a reference going forward. Thanks!
  7. Now THAT is some flamed maple! Very nice!
  8. Keep an eye on the temperature in that trailer if your guitar is in there. You're traveling into a heat wave. Have fun!
  9. Seriously? No more 80/20's?
  10. Thanks, Sal. That was cool.
  11. Ok, I got the image size figured out. Sorry for the double
  12. The new look is fine with me. I'd like to see the new management bring back a " Guitars for Sale or Trade" section, like every other forum on the planet has.
  13. Size 2A Colosi pins fit perfectly in my 2015 J45
  14. Bozz


    A really nice set of Rosewood on that one. Congrats! I wonder what the folks at Gibson are thinking now that Taylor has veered head-on into their lane?
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