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  1. Advanced scalloped, red, and uncooked. Also, hide glue, rectangular bridge, cut through bone saddle, waverly tuners, trance amulet pickup Here's an old link to Gibson's page https://web.archive.org/web/20150816030102/http://www.gibson.com/Products/Acoustic-Instruments/2016/Sheryl-Crow-Southern-Jumbo-Supreme.aspx
  2. There was also a "SCSJ Supreme" limited run in 2015
  3. That is fantastic. One of my favorite Zimmerman tunes of all time. If only he could sing it that well. Nicely played too. I remember the saga of your SCSJ and was sorry to see it go. But I think it worked out fine. That J45 Vintage sounds great!
  4. Thanks all. I appreciate the input.
  5. Looks like it's pending already. That one went fast
  6. I seem to remember that one or two people here were looking to acquire a SCSJ not long ago. I just noticed one for sale in the Buy and Sell forum over at UMGF. It's a 2013 and appears from photo's to be in really fine condition. I'm not affiliated with the seller in any way, just happy to have one already sitting here on a stand three feet away.
  7. I have 12 or 15 unopened sets of Gibson Masterbuilt 80/20's that I bought a while back when supplies of the old stock were starting to dwindle. These strings work really well on a couple of my guitars and I'd love to sit on them for a while and use them sparingly down the road. Does anyone here have an idea on shelf life? They are pretty well packaged in what appears to be an air tight foil wrapper. I store them in a desk drawer in a temperature and humidity controlled guitar room. The last set I opened a month or two ago were perfectly fine. They are probably coming up on 2 years of age. I've seen some ugly corroded new strings come out of paper packaging after sitting around a couple of years, but I have to think these will last quite a bit longer.
  8. Being 20 in the 70's was more fun than being 70 in the 20's.
  9. The brown case with the pink lining is pretty fab too
  10. I bought some bone bridge pins for a J-45 a couple of years ago. I also got them from Bob Colosi at guitarsaddles.com. I talked to him on the phone about fit prior to making the purchase and he recommended size 2A. They worked out great. He sells pins made from of a variety of materials at a wide range of prices. He also posts pictures of them on his website so you can see what they actually look like.
  11. Congrats Kidblast. That is a great looking guitar. The 814ce is very versatile and the DLX features definitely bump the playability and aesthetics up a notch. I respect the commitment that Taylor is making toward sustainability and environmental protection with their tone woods. And Andy Powers seems to have taken guitar design and voicing to a new level. Enjoy the honeymoon with that beauty!
  12. To my eye the standard vintage sunburst leans a little more yellow towards the center and the Montana sunset burst leans a little more orange/red. But they are pretty close to the same. Here are a couple of examples I have. 2015 J-45 Custom with Vintage Sunburst 2015 Sheryl Crow SJ with Montana Sunset Burst
  13. A couple of people in this thread (Hall and FemmeParallell) expressed interest in picking up one of these guitars. For what it's worth, there was one listed for sale in the AGF classifieds today. The SCSJ's have some nice upgrades, like an Adi top and bracing, and Waverly tuners. This one's a 2015 Supreme version which has the Trance Amulet pickup and hide glue neck joint and bracing. No affiliation here, but it looks to be in great shape.
  14. In response to the OP's initial question.... Yes, it is a Dwight Yoakam artist model. Love Ray Wylie Hubbard by the way
  15. Some great videos in this thread. I'll add another classic from the 60's, pared down and played by the fire.
  16. That's a great comparison of a couple of really nice sounding guitars. My favorite was whichever was being played at that particular moment. This video should make anyone paying attention feel really good about what Gibson has been doing in recent years. The company may still have a few quirks, but they are building guitars that do the brand proud. Ian Meadows does a fantastic job producing these videos. I am not aware of anyone out there doing better online comparisons and reviews. Does anybody here know what the first song in that video is?
  17. That should be a great addition. Is it a 2014? I love the specs on that run.
  18. Looks like a GREAT guitar. Congratulations! I haven't heard of that exact model either, but here is a link to one on a Wildwood demo from a few years back. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2nr9Uc43tw
  19. That should be a great guitar, JC. Good luck with the patiently waiting thing...
  20. Welcome and congrats on the new guitar. Strings I like and use most regularly on my guitars are Martin PB,'s, D'Addario EJ16's and Gibson Masterbuilt lights (until my stash runs out, as they are no longer being made). I have a small body non-Gibson that I use John Pearse 600L's on. But, as Sgt. Pepper said above, "try them all", until something resonates with you. There are a zillion choices out there and it is definitely a personal thing. Post some pic's of that new guitar.
  21. Thanks, JC. I enjoy Gibson's quirks. It makes them seem genuine and a little more hands on. And perhaps less corporate than other brands building automated clones that come off assembly lines by the tens of thousands.
  22. Thanks, Nick. I know you have a keen eye when it comes to guitars, so your comments are appreciated.
  23. Sure enough , Fred. We have the same headstock inlays. The 2015 run was 65 guitars. I wonder how many of them ended up with the pearl and crown logos? No way to know, I suppose. Not that it matters much anyway.
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