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  1. Looks great! And your right, the keystones are right at home. Hope you get a lot of enjoyment from it! Red 333
  2. Thanks, Tom! Marvelous!
  3. Sunrise and sunset. Red 333
  4. If you haven't watched this yet, you should. It's terrific. Jeff's a great player and entertainer. Red 333
  5. Boy, that EL-00 Mahogany sounds so good in your hands. Fantastic playing. I really enjoyed hearing you sing "I'm Going Home." The EL-00 sounded great strummed, too. Red 333
  6. Wow, terrific playing! Nice arrangements, too.
  7. As suggested the Epiphone Masterbuilt series is quite good. I would look at the new Masterbilt Texan, as these have a narrow 1.68" nut width and shallow neck profile that many people associate with electric guitars. Also, the Epiphone EJ-160e is typically set up quite low, which makes it comfortable for those used to electrics. Red 333
  8. They made a Custom Shop '59 Reissue that year. It had the batwing guard and strip tuners, and also a variant with the adjustable bridge (for the Japanese market only, I think.) I do remember that that the adjustable bridge model was copied from a '59 owned by someone in Japan. Both models were said to have "modified x bracing," which I assume is the wide AJ bracing, though might be something else indeed.
  9. I have a J-45 True Vintage and a Southern Jumbo True Vintage, both from the late 2000's. They are braced differently, and they do sound different. Two identically braced guitars can sound different, and two differently braced versions should certainly so. It's up to the listener how important those differences are. To me, the differences between my J-45 and SJ TV's are small and more interesting than important, though not small enough to not prefer this particular J-45 over that particular SJ. Red 333
  10. Craist, excellent succinct history. If I may add, McCartney doen't just keep his in his studio, he still uses it live. Red 333
  11. Wow, that's so nice! No, keep the pickguard. You might want to put it back on there someday, or need it if you ever resell it. I've got a couple of maple bodied acoustics--an Elitist J200, an Advanced Jumbo with maple back and sides (not many of those around), and a J185. I sort of want the Frontier BECAUSE if the pickguard, lol! Thanks for the very kind offer, though. You're the best. Red 333
  12. I am just toying with it. I am intrigued by both this and the Excellente. I have too many guitars as it is, though.
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