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  1. There's a generous closeup of this guitar on the CD booklet. He's also shown with another Gibson Super Jumbo with a plain pick guard. It has flowerpot on the heastock, block inlays, and double bar inlays on the bridge. No pick guard, I think. Maybe he put it on the other guitar, lol. Red 333
  2. Bobouz post prompted me to open the Mccartney Texan's case and look at the COA. I've always called it the Elitist Paul McCartney 1964 Texan, as that is what it was referred to in online sales descriptions when it was sold (Sweetwater's is still cached, for instance, if anyone cares to look). Lo and behold its COA and the hang tag refer to it as the Limited Edition McCartney 1964 Texan, as Bobouz wrote! Ya learn something new every day. That being said, I have a combined Gibson/Epiphone brochure where they call it the Elitist Paul McCartney 1964 Texan, lol! The Epiphone catalog DOES call the MIJ McCartney Texan and the Lennon Casinos "Limited Editions," though. Convoluted indeed! In any case they're made by the same hands that make the wonderful guitars that get badged "Elite/Elitist," and I feel fortunate to have been around when they were more widely around new for sale. I've got two Elitist Les Paul Standards, an Elitist SG, Elitist ES-335, ELitist Byrdland, Elitist Broadway, Elitist J-200, Elitist Texan, Elitist Casino, two Ltd. Edition McCartney 1964 Texans (look at me using the right name), and one each of the two Ltd. Edition John Lennon Casinos.
  3. Right. Poly finished 1965 has 3 hole EpiphoneTRC. Nitro finished Ltd Edition 1965 Casino has 2 hole cover. This identifier (3 for poly, 2 for Nitro) is used consistently across the Elitist line (see my post above], except when a model gets a Gibson bell TRC, which is always two hole. And no Elitist with a Gibson bell TRC has ever had a nitro finish. Red 333
  4. An Elite/Elitist wore a Gibson two hole truss rod cover only if it was a version of a guitar that was a Gibson originally. So, all the Les Paul's, SGs, the ES-335, Byrdland, J-45, J-200, and L-00 wore them (they were Gibsons long before they also were issued as Epiphones), while the Sheraton, Riviera, Casino, and Texan got Epiphone style TRCs like the sixties Epiphone badged models they were based on (though with three holes, like contemporary Epiphones and all those made after the sixties, roughly). The nitro finished Elitists (McCartney Texan, Lennon Casinos, Japan-only Texan, Casino, Riviera, etc.) got vintage style (pre '70s) Epiphone TRCs with two holes. Whew! Red 333
  5. It's a bit hard to make out with the picture as posted, but very easy to see below the sticker with the screen brightness turned up. Red 333
  6. Though a few Elitist models have nitro finishes (the Texan, Riviera, the Casino models sold now only in Japan, the McCartney Texan, two Lennon Casinos, and some if the Hooker Sheraton variations sold on the past off the top of my head), most Elite/Elitists have poly finishes: all of the various Les Pauls and SGs, SG and Thunderbird basses, J-45, L-00, J-200, Texan, Sheraton, Riviera 6 and 12 string, ES-335, Broadway, Country Gentleman, Byrdland. Red 333
  7. The guitar in the pictures appears to have a semi circular scarf joint in the neck (the headstock and neck are two separate pieces joined together, as indicated by the two tones of wood). Eltists have true one piece necks (save for a stacked heel). Red 333
  8. Red 333

    AJ Supreme

    You, sir, have a great voice. And that is a very good song. Red 333
  9. Very sorry for your loss, Tom. It's wonderful that you had such a great partner in life with whom to share mutual interests and passions, and that you complimented each other's strengths. I'm sure you will think of her every time you pick up one of the beautiful vintage instruments you both treasured. When you strike a chord, you will feel her embrace. Take care. Red 333
  10. The Pacemaker is Epiphone's version of the Gibson Skylark. Both amps have a circuit similar to the Fender Champ of that era, as you wrote. The Devon is an Epiphone-badged Gibson GA-9 in most respects. It's a 10 watt amp and I think was the first amp that Gibson badged as an Epipone after Gibson bought the company a couple years earlier. I'm not sure, but the Century seems like it could be the Epiphone badged version of the Gibson GT-46T. That was a 60 watt amp with two 12" speakers, two channels, two volume controls, and a tremolo. From the pictures, that *seems* to be what your amp has, but that's just a guess. Spectacular collection! Red 333
  11. Wow. Looks like you learned a lot and had got great results from what turned out to be a fun project! Nice job. Red 333
  12. Nice job! Wish I had been there. Sounds like you, your bandmates, and the audience were having a ball. Red 333
  13. Good choice. I've enjoyed Kim Richey for a number of years.
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