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  1. If you're on Facebook, search for Shery Crow. She has put up two or three videos playing her Frontier. https://www.facebook.com/sherylcrow/videos/347492332825538/
  2. The Dot and Dot Deluxe are back on the website, as is the regular-priced Casino.
  3. Sweet! That was very enjoyable. I hope you're able to find some other lost gems to post for us. Hope your health situation is improving. We're all thinking of you. Red 333
  4. Terrific, Sal. Terrific. Red 333
  5. I have acoustics with both. Eleven are Gibsons. Of those, my favorites have wide-grained Adirondack tops. Not that those with tight grained Sitka do not sound good. It's just that those with Adirondack tops happen to have something "extra" that appeals to me. My answer is more about a preference for Adirondack over Sitka, I guess. Wide grain to me = Adirondack. That is why I say, based on that experience, that if I had to make a choice between two guitars without the benefit of hearing or playing them, I'd bet on the one with wider grain (Adi) top. But again, this is not meant to say there are not terrific (and poor) sounding guitars with either. Red 333
  6. Wow. I admire your ambition, persistence, and craftsmanship. And thanks for documenting it so thoroughly and so vividly. Very well done. Red 333
  7. If I had to choose between two guitars without hearing or playing them, I'd chose the one with the widest grain top. All my guitars with wide grain tops seem to have a little something extra. Red 333
  8. I think that one is coming in the summer.
  9. I use boiled linseed oil on my clean fretboards and also on bridges. I put a few drops on a microfiber cloth, rub it into the board, let it soak in, and then buff off any excess with another clean microfiber. I mask off the soundboard around the bridge withb blue painter's tape to make applying the oil to the bridge easier. I find that the linseed oil beautifies and protects. It not only gives the wood a rich appearance, it seals it and prevents dirt build up. Red 333
  10. JC, you're a gem. This forum would be greatly diminished without all the topics you start and new and interesting models you post for us to consider and discuss. I always look forward to learning something new or enjoying a fine instrument in a post that begins, "Folks, Check it out." You are like the forum's roving reporter and meeting facilitator all rolled into one. You are very much appreciated. I sincerely hope you'll give it some thought and stick around. Red 333
  11. Yes, and I don't like it, lol. Maybe the pic in the Andertons site is some kind of photoshop job. The bridge and burst looks very different here: Good to see you, Frenchie.
  12. I'm very interested in the Fontier. Actually, I would be just as excited if Epiphone re-released the Masterbilt DR or AJ 500P, which were maple-sided models from the first run of the series, in 2004 or so, as I'd prefer something a little more understated. Talk about bling! That aside, if the Frontier (and Excellente) are as good as previous Masterbilts, they'll probably find a home in my home. Red 333
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