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  1. Really good sounding recording, Sal. It has a solid, immediate quality. Performance is top notch as usual, too. I like the addition of the harmony vocal. I hope your new TV inspires more playing and recording, 'cause it's very enjoyable. Red 333
  2. I have something like twenty Epiphones and not a single one has that seal. It's only something that was in use for a short time. Red 333
  3. Boy, that was great. Merry Christmas. Red 333
  4. When I first took up guitar again as an adult (after a long, long layoff since my teen years), I began taking notice of what kinds of instruments my favorite musicians and bands played. I found most of them played Gibson or Kalamazoo-era Epiphone acoustics or electrics. Red 333
  5. Hi Red

    Could I ask you somethings about the J-45?
    Have You heard of the Fuller's J-45?
    I'm actually viewing one and on the verge of getting it, used.
    Any idea is it comparable to the now, J-45 vintage?

    Thanks so much


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    2. Techref


      Hi Red

      Thanks so much for the reply.
      i wish i have more pictures but I guess they are exactly the same cosmetic as the current ones now.
      Just that the build internally is everybody's guess. Probably I would give Fuller a call but its a limited run til like 2009,
      I wouldn't be sure if they would have the specs during those years.

      I tried contacting Gibson but nothing heard from them and its been 4 days.

      I realized that you have both the J-35 and J45, so I kindda felt you're best person I could seek advice for.
      My friends around me are like another of those guys in the park owning a guitar.




    3. Red 333

      Red 333

      That looks like it may be an adirondack spruce top. Nice. And the banner and script logo (and presumably strip tuners) are certainly early forties style features. The bridge is a late fifties style, so this guitar has an amalgam of features, like the True Vintage line, and isn't meant to be a reissue of a particular year; Gibson actually didn't do that (accurately) until the late 2000s and the Legend series, so in that respect, it's like a lot of  J-45s in that it's different from all the other J-45s, lol. I think any guitar with an adi top is likely a step-up tone-wise over one with sitka, so I'd chance it if I were you. 

    4. Techref


      Hi and yeah, he’s asking for abt $2400. Price wise should be alright I guess, and on top of what you emphasized on, he added that the fretboard and bridged are made from Madagascar rosewood. If he’s telling the truth I would probably put my money down very soon.

      another guitar which also caught my attention is the collectors edition J-35 but this is brand new priced at about $3300.  Both guitars are really poisonous. I could end up like u having both.

  6. The Rosewood Stage Deluxe is both sensitive and loud. Having only 12 frets clear of the body put the bridge in a sweet spot on the sound board. It has a rich, clear sound. It also has a neck that many finger pickers would find comfy, too. Go for it. As for rosewood, it's historically been used less on Gibsons than mahogany and maple. I'm not even sure Gibson used rosewood at all from the mid forties until the AJ was revived in the nineties. Red 333
  7. I think the adjustable bridge sets a bad wrap not because they contribute to a distinctive sound (which, as you can see, many love) but because the bolts and adjusting mechanism on some of them loosen up with age, which does effect the tone in a bad way. Many of them are also on late 60's guitars, which can be over -built. But a new guitar equipped with one, or an old guitar whose adj bridge's bolts are all tight should sound just fine. I have four guitars with the adjustable bridge mechanism and I don't regret any of them. Red 333
  8. I have an Epihone Masterbilt with a cedar top and rosewood sides from the mid 2000's. It's long scale, has 12-frets, a slotted head stock, fat v-mahogany neck, old-fashioned no-belly bridge, and a round shouldered dread body (though it has a wider waist than a Gibson, like if Gibson and Martin had a baby; this was before Epiphone started using the true Gibson slope shape). It has a lovely sound: very dynamic, rounded tones which compress pleasantly at high volume. And it can really produce some volume! The guitar is very sensitive--ideal for finger pickers beyond my abilities, I'm sure. I'm fortunate to have more than my share of great sounding Gibsons (12-fret Rosewood Stage Deluxe, J-45 Legend, Fullers RI 1939 J-35, etc.) and this one's right up there. Gibson has no real tradition of building with cedar, but I don't see why a cedar topped J-45 or AJ wouldn't sound great. Red 333 EDIT: I see 62Burst has written about the very same model in his post above.
  9. Congrats on being the new steward of such a beautiful instrument. I hope it gives you years of enjoyment! Red 333
  10. Not only are you one of the kindest and most helpful people on the Gibson/Epiphone forums, you are one of the most talented. Red 333
  11. My goodness, I can't imagine what you and your wife have been through, and her father twice! Your positive outlook in the face of such disruption and loss is something to be admired. Cheers for finding a replacement for such a treasured instrument, especially such a hard to find variation. I hope it gives you as much joy as the old one did, and it, your new home, your family, and sweet Brynn stay safe for years to come. Red 333
  12. Sal, anyone who appreciates Gibsons, is knowledgeable about them, seeks knowledge about them, or even us mildly curious is welcome here. And one such as yourself who has contributed so much, especially so. Hope you get much enjoyment from your J-45TV. A good choice if you're editing your collection to just one Gibson. They're just about perfect. Hope everything is well and continues in that direction Red 333
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