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  1. EADES, thanks for the info. Makes sense to me now. You explained that well. So what pickups do I look to for an upgrade? Seymour Duncans are in my Strat and my Les Paul, it's the only brand I've ever played with. Thanks again
  2. Ok, please exude my ignorance when it comes to bass I'm hoping someone can tell me a few things about my Thunderbird IV bass. What are active pickups and does this bass have them? Is my Thunderbird a "jazz" bass a precision bass? My bass is all stock no mods. So I'm wondering what kind of pots are in this thing? Tried looking all over the web and can't find any info. Would like to upgrade pups with Seymour Duncan SPB-3 quarter pound. Would these work with my bass? I kindly appreciate some input.
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