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  1. Thanks for your response I have used both speaker outputs without success. I taker your point about the extension/power cable and will try that next time!
  2. Hi all I've now done about 30 gigs with this SCS4 DJ. So far, I've experienced on 3 occasions upon setting up using active speakers a loud humming noise coming from the speakers. I have changed my balanced leads over and eventually had to switch to a back up CD system to continue the evening. The speakers are fine. I am not sure what has caused it but confidence is quite low because of this. I see that users of the DJC4 have experienced similar issues. Any ideas?
  3. I agree with you as I suspect there won't be further updates. The unit is now in it's fourth year and needs version 2 to appear. I bought SCS4DJ last year on the basis it would last me 3 years. I'll be looking for Stanton to bring out a version 2 in the next 12 months. It's a great idea and now works quite well. Just need need to take the idea and upgrade the thing soon. As for updates. I've suggested that there should be a Mic EQ. It's not a professional unit for a function DJ without it. I would like to see better search capabilities as the number of characters is too restrictive.
  4. I'm using balanced outputs and Deck A is always louder than B
  5. I have the same issue. Deck A is about 15%-20% louder than Deck B. It's annoying!
  6. I'd be surprised if a version 2 will come out yet. There's plenty of life in this version particularly with the new software release.
  7. Hi all Maybe a rather basic question but I assume I need powered monitor type speakers to listen to the output from my system when say I'm in my study rather than plugging in my powered RCF 722A
  8. Come on, where is the EQ on the MIC Such as shame.
  9. Tend to agree with above. Having owned it for 5 months now, it's a great idea but let down by the software. I think it's price is probably ok. I think it's aimed at the bedroom DJ or house party set-up and not really good enough for Mobile DJ use. Anyone who uses it professionally needs a dependable back-up alternative should this fail.
  10. Don't understand why there is still no microphone Eq. Not a serious pro unit without this
  11. Hi all I used Auto DJ yesterday for the first time. One side mixed within 20 seconds of the track ending (deck2) whilst deck 1 only starts at the end of the track. What I am doing wrong?
  12. Hi all Did my third gig last night and hit a major problem. Two hours into the gig and with a full floor, I loaded a track into deck B and pressed play. There wasn't any sound through the speakers, although I could hear it through the headphones. I tried it again and the same thing happened on Deck B. Somewhat embarrassed, I used my CD player back up. At the end of the night and again today I have tested the SCS 4DJ and it's been fine. Possibly it was a glitch that caused this and turning it on and off has done the trick but I've lost some confidence in it.
  13. Hi all After practising for 6 weeks, I decided to road test the SCS yesterday. I have been professionally DJ'ing for 30 years and this is first venture into digital DJ'ing. The function was very key giving a no pressure road test. Overall very easy and a pleasure to use. Cueing up tracks and finding them was easy using a keyboard. Sound quality seemed ok too. Lugging CD's about looked hard work and the SCS was a doddle to use. No only niggle was the lack on EQ on the mic and no on/off button. Just felt was pro use I needed EQ on the mic. The other issue is loading a playlist so that I can get to the buffet and back
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