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  1. I know you don't play jazz, but if this were my guitar I would put a set of TI flatwound 12's on... but I play jazz....
  2. Jeez.. Sounds like a nightmare... :blink:
  3. Hi, I'm in the process of trying to sell a pretty rare PRS, but when I do, I'm not sure what to put the money towards... I play jazz and fusion (starting to study/play much more straight-up jazz as of right now). Thing is, I know the 335 will be more versatile in case I want to play rock or something else on it, but the 175 will probably have the better all-around jazz tone. That fully-acoustic, hollow sound. Also, even though I've played some singlecut archtops in shops, I can't really judge if the single cutaway would really bother me in the long run or not since I have never owned one and used one for a long period of time. Any suggestions?
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