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  1. I happen to have a J-200 Elvis Presley signature model and I would like to know If my interpretation of the serial number is right ?? it says 92556005, so I figure.. it's a 1996 and was made on september 12, and was the fifth of the day ???? it's a beauty just like the one Elvis use in is Vegas returning in 1970, it's the one with is name in pearl on the fret board...and it's the number 88 out of 250...it sound just beautiful...is someone can give an idea of the value?? even If it's a keeper in my collection I just want to know. thank you very much
  2. I happen to ran into j-200 Elvis presley signature number 88 out of 250, and I just want to make sure If my readung of the serial number is right......#92556005....so I think it's a 1996 and was made on sept. 12, and was the fifth of the day in production Am I right ..please I need some help, and can someone help me with the value of the guitar. thanks
  3. I fell that there is not a little tiny bit of respect ...for the man that start and move everything in the 50's I'm new around here and I don't want to argue with anyone but as an Elvis fan, and a rock and roll lover I think that we should only judge musician or artist for their artistic works...thats all...personal life....as it say's it's personal.... regards EOT1977
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