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  1. Thanks to everyone for a great thread. Question, when the time comes, would anyone suggest changing out the 490 pickups for something else? I am looking for a classic sound, Clapton, Knopfler, Lindsey Buckingham type, but can also go AC/DC if I want it.....anybody know what I mean? Replies appreciated as always, Snoopy
  2. Thanks Stevil! I am super stoked to start learning on this guitar. Its even more fun when there is a great bunch of folks to talk about with like you guys! Snoopy
  3. Thanks Capmaster....this is the start of a FUN journey I think...... :)
  4. Charlie Brown, you should know that Snoopy IS Joe Cool and therefore should be expected to play electric guitar!!!!
  5. Thanks Charlie Brown!!! I've been on you tube and have learned the following simple tunes: 1) Highway to hell 2) Seven Bridges Road 3) Margaritaville 4) Hells Bells (Still working on this one) 5) House of the rising sun (Also still working on this one) For only starting the guitar 3 weeks ago, I am having a ball so far. I think I have a very experienced local performer who is willing to show me some things so should be a fun journey. Thanks again for the feedback..... Snoopy
  6. You made my whole day!!!! Guess I ahve a decent platform to learn on......I'm stoked!!!! Snoopy
  7. GibSinCity hit it on the nose.....thats the one I've got! Decent guitar? Feedback appreciated....... Snoopy
  8. Thanks Charlie Brown! As your trusty beagle, I can tell you that this is a "dot neck" Special. Unfortunately, I can't seem to upload these pics as they are too big......Im not very good with computers I am afraid. Snoopy
  9. Hello All, I recently purchased a 2006 faded mahogany Gibson SG. I am an absolute beginner but wanted a good solid guitar that I could upgrade in years to come. Any information or insights on this guitar from the forum? Thanks!
  10. Snoopy69

    Amp advice

    Im a dork..... I meant Fender........OOOOPS!
  11. Snoopy69

    Amp advice

    I bought a Peavey Mustang II for 119.00 and it does AWESOME with my Gibson SG!!!!! It's got everything I am going to need as a beginner for a long time to come. :) Snoopy
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