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  1. unfortunately for me i dont have enough money for even a used one. so as much as i would love one (then again, id like to have a custom made es 335) i still have to settle for something cheaper.
  2. Thanks for the replies i was just curious as i cant afford something like that now or probably ever :angry: . FYI i was dreaming when i thought of this
  3. i had this problem too on ur bridge there are individual saddles for each string which can be adjusted with a flat head screwdriver this should help with inotation
  4. Hello peeps. I just have 1 quick question, if you were willing to pay the cost would gibson give you a custom guitar made to your specs and made by their luthiers in memphis? I know fender offers this but does gibson? The spec being within reason, of course
  5. hey stevil how much for one of those teles? i also wouldn't mind looking at a thinline tele, so i can have both for the price of 1
  6. Sorry to bump but i need to correct myself The guitar is actually not as prone to feedback issues as you think as its thinner than most "jazz boxes"
  7. For those of you that are disappointed in gibson for discontinuing the trini lopez AND the dg 335, here's a IMO better looking and cheaper alternative to both, but unfortunately, its fully hollow so i believe it likes to feedback :( http://www2.gibson.com/Products/Electric-Guitars/ES/Gibson-Memphis/ES-195.aspx
  8. I agree. Pretty much all the people on here are pretty nice to all the people that are on here. :lol:
  9. Theres a couple of trini lopez's on ebay but you got to be ready to fork out a few thousand dollars for one. However i think they're vintage so if you want a reissue, your gonna need to look around some.
  10. Alright guys, due to many requests i will show you the names. the reason why i didnt show them was because neither of them were a gibson/epiphone. so here ya go: Guitar 1: Hamer Echotone with bigsby and (i think) tv jones pups Guitar 2: Fender standard telecaster I may have been a little paranoid but since people have technicaly voted for the tele, (without knowing it) i guess that there opinions may still be the same. FYI in my first post i seem to lean toward the tele, but in reality it impressed me much more than i thought it would . To me the hamer PERFECTLY for my style, but not for everything else but the tele works WELL for my style and if i wanted to play something totally different on it, it would handle it no problem. both guitars feel great in my hands so if i had the option i would choose both. but for now, i have only enough money for one.
  11. Hey riffstir, your profile pic reminded me what i cant stop playing on the guitar:
  12. Heres what i meant to say, g1 suited my style perfectly but it seems to specialize in vintage tones. g2 can do everything (including everlong) well but not perfect. i guess i did seem to favor g2 in the 1st post. there is of course always mods for both guitars if i want more versatility or a different sound. PS was the last part of your comment a guess or a suggestion?
  13. Guitar 1: Went to my local music store and guitar center yesterday :lol: . I have to say that the riviera did not impress me as much as i thought it would . This was played at GC through an orange and marshall amp. Compared to the hamer echotone that i played at mckenzie river (local music store through marshall) it sounded dull, not bad as im sure with new pups it would have sounded excellent. It also felt cluttered. Then again, the hamer echotone was decked out with (i think) tv jones pups (humbuckers), liscensed bigsby, new tuners, new pots, but it DESPERATELY needed a string change while the p93 did not. Not to mention the hamer was $350, cheaper than any p93 that ive seen. The one thing that drew me to the hamer was that when i played everlong (REALLY good foo fighters song) through that beat up marshall, it nailed it. No adjustments required (it was already in drop d!!!). The guitar was born for this. Now mckenzie sells a lot of vintage guitars (like an sg with the les paul name on it!!!) and they're not gonna let you try everything. They even have a sound room to play in. So when i play a guitar, i get its true sound. Guitar 2: I played a mim standard strat there that had issues and was way too bright. However, when i played a blacktop strat at GC, it sounded wayyyyyyyyy better, not enough to make me fall in love. Now, from all this info, you may think that i definitely need a guitar with humbuckers in them. Well think again, played strictly through an orange amp, i may be in love with a fender standard telecaster. That guitar did everything i palyed on it, but it didn't do my style perfectly, however its more versatile than the hamer. It beat the crap out of a gibson lp j and lp special (so did the hamer), it never sounded too bright, even with the tone cranked and playing through the bridge pup. Its cleans were beautiful, its crunch was as good as any humbucker equipped guitar (like i said, it beat the crap out of some gibsons). Like all tele's, they're simple, and the body felt much better than the contoured strat. So im torn between . i realize that coming to this forum and saying that a tele destroyed a couple of gibsons, may not be the best thing to do, or proposing that a hamer is gonna make an epi p93 seem dull, but i digress. These are my 2 guitars i wish to buy. which one will it be? (dun dun dun duuuu)
  14. Did something stupid with my lp. Dropped it and one of the tuners broke. Thankfully, i have some top knotch USA grover tuners from a lp junior that i was gonna put in anyway. but until that happens, i'm stuck with a fake fender. However, the more i play it, the more i like it, just hate the neck, i've played a squire that feels better. One thing ive noticed is that i can get a really good metal sound, actually better than my lp (go figure) and with the right eq, i can get a nice touch of overdrive. Flip it to the neck pickup and you get some crystal clear cleans. i shouldn't say that fenders aren't for me, but the neck of a used fake fender isn't for me. Both fenders/squires and gibsons/epiphones are great guitars, which is why i have one of each (sort of )
  15. Now if i don't know what guitar i want, i know where to go.
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