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  1. Gibson Memphis made a VOS ES345 R9 in 2014 I just saw one of these guitars at a local store and it is an amazing guitar it looks, feels and sounds like a vintage 59 345 at 1/4 of the price of a vintage one. The vintage sunburst VOS finish looks like someone looked under there grand dads bed and pulled out a 59 ES345 that was never played. The guitar is wired mono with a Varatone I remember Varatone switches as the tone suck switch but the Varatone on this guitar was very useable. The guitar is lite weight for a 345 has a big 59 neck, jumbo frets and set up with low action. I put a deposit on the guitar and will switch it to 11's. The pickups are Burstbuckers and are perfect in this guitar. I understand that they also made this guitar in blonde and it is one of Gibson's best-kept secrets. I looked on Gibson's webpage but it is not listed but some of the big online dealers have them listed. If you are looking for a 59 335 have a look at the 2014 VOS ES345 R9.
  2. I finely got a GA79RVT it's a 1962 and in 9.5 condition I have been looking over 25 years for a 79RVT to come along. I found my prize at Tall Toad Music in Petaluma CA it is one of the best music stores I have ever been. If you are ever in the wine country of Northern California check them out. The amp sounds amazing from worm Jazz tones to screaming Blues Rock it can do it all. The Reverb and Tremolo are fantastic the amp is dead quite when idling even with a pedal turned on and is excellent for live or studio work. Now here is the surprise Gibson has made stereo guitars since the late 50's and I never under stood why they always seemed like a pain to use. Plug a Gibson stereo guitar into a Gibson GA 79RVT stereo amp with the proper cord and it becomes clear. The sound is amazing turn on the tremolo with a hint of reverb and it sounds like a B3 through a Leslie. The guitar in stereo sends the bridge pickup to one side of the amp and the neck to the other. Then tremolo bounced between the two speakers and channels of the amp and the sound is huge. I knew these amps were very cool and I have read a lot of articles about saying how fantastic they are but this amp has changed me in a way that makes me very happy. If you ever get a chance to try one do not pass it by if you own one and know any cool tricks like delay on one channel pleas chime in.
  3. I have a GA80 Varatone and I love it what do you need to know
  4. I have a 1964 GA 75L it is a amazing amp the switch is off, Stand buy, On and On with polarity switched. they had a two prong plug was original so you needed it to kill the hum and stop from getting shocks. If you still need pictures let me know and I will send some. For Tubes US made NOS are worth the money and in a Gibson amp they will last for 20 years.
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